McFly @ o2 Academy, 31st October 2023

It was a Halloween night to remember at the O2 Academy in Birmingham, as McFly took the stage in full makeup, embracing the spooky spirit of the season for their “Power To Play” tour. With the release of their 7th album bearing the same name, the anticipation in the room was palpable. From the moment the first chords of “Where Did All the Guitars Go?” rang out, it was clear that McFly was ready to deliver a night of full of dancing and fun.


The atmosphere was electric as fans of all ages filled the venue, many in their own Halloween costumes. The band’s makeup added an extra layer of fun to the evening, setting the stage for an unforgettable night. The audience’s energy was infectious, and the Halloween spirit was alive and well throughout the night, as LostAlone took over the stage.


Supporting McFly on their tour, LostAlone delivered a high-energy performance. Led by the charismatic frontman, Steven Battelle, the band showcased their ability to seamlessly blend intricate guitar work, emotionally charged vocals, and complex song structures. Songs like “Enduring the Dream”, “Blood is Sharp” and “The Last Drop of Forever” exemplified their dynamic sound, combining elements of alternative rock and post-hardcore with a progressive edge. Battelle’s playful banter about his ongoing struggle with a large cape made the crowd laugh. We were treated to a great set which got the fans up and ready for the main act of the night.

McFly kicked things off with the energetic “Where Did All the Guitars Go?”. The guitar-driven anthem set the tone for the evening, and it was clear that the band’s musical prowess was as sharp as ever. The setlist was a mix of new tracks from “Power To Play” and beloved classics, showcasing the band’s evolution and staying power in the industry.

“Land of the Bees” followed, with Tom Fletcher’s and Danny Jones’ harmonious vocals weaving a spell over the crowd. “One for the Radio” had the entire room jumping and singing along, and “God of Rock & Roll” was a pure rock ‘n’ roll anthem with the crowd headbanging and throwing devil horns.

“Friday Night” brought back the nostalgia of McFly’s early days, and “Corrupted” showcased the band’s more mature sound with intricate melodies. “Lies” had the crowd swaying with the emotional depth of the song, and “Route 55” was a high-energy, foot-stomping adventure.

“I’m Fine” and “Too Close for Comfort” kept the momentum going, but it was “Everybody Knows” that truly brought out the band’s chemistry. Dougie Poynter’s bass lines and Harry Judd’s tight drumming formed the backbone of each song, allowing the melodies to soar.

“Star Girl” had everyone singing at the top of their lungs, and “Happiness” kept the good vibes flowing. The band’s chemistry and genuine love for performing together were evident, making the crowd feel like they were part of something special.


“Obviously” had the audience reminiscing about the early 2000s, and the stripped-back version of “Not Alone” performed by Tom and Danny was a heartfelt moment. The crowd swayed along to “All About You,” and the surprise appearance of Steven Battelle for “Shine On” added an extra layer of excitement.

The main set ended with the powerful and anthemic “Red,” leaving the audience begging for more.

For the encore, McFly returned to the stage with “Forever’s Not Enough,” a beautiful and heartfelt ballad. “Honey I’m Home” brought the energy back up, with the audience dancing and singing with all their might. The night concluded with the timeless hit “5 Colours in Her Hair,” leaving the crowd on a high, feeling the nostalgia of their youth.

McFly crowd

In the end, McFly’s “Power To Play” tour on Halloween night in Birmingham was a spectacular treat for fans, showcasing the band’s evolution, musicianship, and enduring appeal. The energy in the room, the fantastic setlist, and the band’s incredible chemistry all contributed to a Halloween night to remember. McFly proved once again that they have the power to play and continue to rock the stage with style and passion.


Where Did All the Guitars Go?
Land of the Bees
One for the Radio
God of Rock & Roll
Friday Night
Route 55
I’m Fine
Too Close for Comfort
Everybody Knows
Star Girl
Not Alone (Tom & Danny Acoustic)
All About You (Tom & Danny Stripped Back Version)
Shine On (with Steven Battelle)


Forever’s Not Enough
Honey I’m Home
5 Colours in Her Hair

Review and photographs: Andra Tudoran

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