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At Birmingham Live! we love to chat with local bands.  This time The Loved and Lost have taken up the challenge of answering our questions.

The Loved and Lost were formed in 2012 and are based in Worcestershire.  They combine Hard Rock with Melodic Metal and have caught the attention of our reviewing team a few times recently, over to vocalist Jordan

What’s the story of the band? How did you form and what do you count as your biggest achievements so far?

Jord: Music has had a big part to play in all of our lives so it was inevitable that we’d end up here. I’d wanted to sing from a very early age and when I went to my first rock/metal gig at age 12 with my mum to see Within Temptation, I was hooked. Watching them, I knew that I wanted to do that too. Eventually, I met Dan at school and we started our first band. When we got to college, Dan recruited Sam and I met Jack on a music course. We started writing our own tracks and eventually got booked for our first show in Worcester and here we are, five years later!

One thing that I’ve always been quite proud of is writing and rehearsing three new songs within a week to play at our first o2 Academy gig in 2013. Our set list wasn’t long enough to play the show so we got our heads down and spent an entire week in Jack’s garage to get the songs completely ready so that we’d be able to play. Two of those song are still featured in our set now: “Insomnium” and “Face the Shame”. We’ve obviously come a long way since then but that’s always been one of the things that’s stuck in my head for all of this time.

What has been the best thing that has happened to the band since you formed?

I think that the best thing that has happened to us is the awesome bunch of people that we’ve met along the way. The music scene is full of some great characters and we would have missed out on meeting them had we not been in this band. We can only be thankful for the support that we get from our friends in bands and the people come to our shows! It’s the best feeling in the world when you play a show and people have gone out of their way to watch you play your music.

When and where did you play your first show?

Our first ever show was at The Art House Cafe in Worcester in July 2012 – it wasn’t really a music venue but at the time (being 16 and 17) the prospect of playing our first show was so exciting and huge for us. It’s quite funny to think about it now, looking back. There was no lighting or sound system (we brought our own PA for the event) and we just played a show with the lights switched on to all of our families and friends. I still remember how nervous we got and how pleased we were after. Things have just been getting even bigger and better since then. Maybe one day soon, we’ll be able to play festivals like Download, Bloodstock Open Air and maybe even a few European Festivals – that’s the goal, anyway!

What’s the biggest show you’ve played so far?

We’ve had the privilege of playing some pretty amazing shows in our careers so far, all of which we were so pleased to be a part of. We’ve had the opportunity of playing on the same bill as lots of awesome bands such as: Fury, Triaxis, Metaprism and Osukaru from Sweden. We’ve also had the chance to play at some pretty wicked venues including Palace Theatre in Redditch We played an awesome sold-out show at The Marrs Bar in Worcester for the TBFM Awards last year. We really had a blast, on and off stage! We’ll be playing a soon-to-be SOLD OUT Breaking Bands Festival on 28th May and soon enough, we’ll be playing at The Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton on 8th July, that’s sure to take the lead as our “biggest show”.

What is your favourite venue in Birmingham to play?

There are MANY great venues that are worth playing (and visiting) in Birmingham which is why it’s referred to as the Home of Metal, I imagine. We’ve been lucky to be part of some amazing shows at The Roadhouse, Asylum, O2 Academy, The Rainbow and The Wagon and Horses Courtyard (which was an unexpectedly amazing show to play). But the venue where we’ve always had the biggest welcome is Scruffy Murphys. They never fail to impress us. We’ve played there a few times now and had a great reception every time.

What does the immediate future hold for the band?

At the moment, we’re in the studio writing and recording so hopefully we’ll be getting some material out in the VERY near future! We’re also playing a few shows up and down the country. But for the most part, we’re focusing on releasing new music so watch this space!

Apart from yourselves, what other unsigned West Midlands band(s) should we keep an eye out for?

We had the opportunity to play with some amazing bands and the West Midlands is a goldmine for unsigned talent but we do have a few favourites:

Worcester’s own Space-Pirates, Fury; the symphonic Power-Metal epicness that is Dakesis. We love Aramantus and their unique groove-metal sound, the heavy yet melodic Southfall and our Heavy Metal brothers in Valous to name a few but the list is endless!

If you could have any band/artist cover one of your songs, who would you want to do it and what song would suit them best?

It might be an odd choice but I’d really love to hear Papa Roach play our track: “Undone”. I just really think that Jacoby’s vocals would suit the style of that song.


The Loved and Lost play the following: 

1st April – The Flapper, Birmingham.

8th April – The Marrs Bar, Worcester.

15th April – Barge and Barrel, Tipton.

29th April – Queens Hall, Nuneaton.

13th May – Readipop, Reading.

28th May – Breaking Bands Festival, Bromsgrove.

7th July – Stalybridge Tavern, Stalybridge.

8th July – The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton.

15th Sept – Art Workshop, Worcester. (Worcester Music Festival)

5th Nov – Ilfracombe Rocks, Ilfracombe.


The Loved and Lost are: 

Jordan Quinn – Vocals, Keys, Acoustic Guitar. 
Dan Fletcher – Guitar, Backing Vocals.
Jack Bates – Bass, Backing Vocals.
Sam Ward – Drums. 



Photo: Chris Bowley

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