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Alternative rock band Casey is both parts mystery and ferocity. When you look up their information, you will quickly find that there is not much to be found. Whereas many bands have dissertation length bios detailing each detail of their lives, Casey has nothing.

There is no depiction of home upbringings, no glossy picture of tour rehearsals and antics. Rather Casey allows the music to speak for itself, and the music is ferocious! Alternative rock sound mixed with ambient breathy moments concocts an inimitable experimental tone that really culminates in a mixture of sound that is breathlessly perfect and mad. Currently Casey is touring as a part of the Impericon Festival circuit. We caught up with them after their Manchester gig.

Casey is a four-piece band that creates genre-splicing tunes. While on tour with a festival that is based more on metal and hardcore rock, the band offers a much-needed softer edge to the rock world. Casey knows their sound may not be the typical found in a metal hardcore genre, but they are fine with that. Front man Adam said that the band “has never been an apologist band. We don’t feel uncomfortable, we play the music we feel comfortable making.” Reading that may make Adam come off as arrogant or pretentious, but let me assure you that could not be further from the reality. Adam and the rest of the band are passionate musicians who create authentically crafted tunes, each adding in their own thoughts and concepts, creating the music that has branded Casey.

First album Love Is Not Enough is the perfect display of the vastly talented yet diverse band. “As a band we are not a whole as much as we are the sum of our parts. Each of us draws influence from other artists.” For their writing process each member brings their own unique ear, and they combine them all to produce what we know as Casey. This means that the sound is different and nonconformist, it crosses a wide range of sonic queues and vast number of subjects.   Their process is very “organic, its an amalgamation of ideas” that then get pieced together in the studio. All are pleased with how the last album came out. Liam said he “couldn’t be happier” with the album. “There is a lot of diversity on the album and the response to it could not be better.” Adam chimed in, relating that “as a band we try to push ourselves creatively as far as possible.”

Pushing themselves meant that the band crafted a completely new set of songs. While their three singles had massive success, they were not re-recorded for the album, as many artists do. Liam notes that the “singles are entities themselves, they have power so there was no need to release them” again. With this Casey has a full catalogue of creative songs that portray an enormous number of emotions and states. With such a number of possibilities to play on the shorter festival set, Casey had a great task of crafting a show that displayed the full breadth of their work in a truncated amount of time.

Luckily the band are masters at curating a show that displays their sound while still retaining an arch of excitement and emotion, even when their time is shorter than usual. For Impericon Festival Casey “knew these shows would be eclectic, with heavier bands coming on, but we made the decision that we weren’t going to drastically change what we do.” With such a wide range of bands on the Festival lineup the band knew that “we could not stand on the stage and please everyone” and so they created a set of their best songs and played that. What transpired on the stage was a talented and honest band whose songs are just as reflexive and interesting. No doubt they turned many heads and created new fans with such an expertly fashioned set, made most visible by the line at their merch table.

Their set was a perfect juxtaposition of rock and ambience that easily transfixed every member in the audience.  Casey is an alternative rock band with a purpose. Allowing the music to speak for itself without any band additives, they are true musicians who create what they know is needed in this world of music.


Interview: Kylie McCormick

Photograph: Steve Kilmister

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