Hoobastank + Buckcherry + Adelitas Way @ o2 Institute 10th February 2019

Tonight is bitterly cold again, no ice needed in our drinks, I’m not really sure what to be expecting from Hoobastank given I’ve not seen them live but I am liking Adelitas Way and being a Buckcherry fan this should be an exciting and interesting night of hard rock and roll.

Opening up and getting us warmed up incredibly fast tonight is Las Vegas American hard rock three piece Adelitas Way.  Most people would think they are a fairly new band but front man Rick DeJesus says “I know what you are thinking, Aren’t you a bit old for a new band” as he continues “Well, we ain’t we have got six albums and been going 11 years” This just shows how infrequently some of these gems come over here to the UK to perform. They have similarities to Shinedown and the songs such as “Last Stand” are comparably similar to that American rock formula that I think sounds so good. They say they will be back again soon it will not be soon enough.

Hoobastank, Well, lets start for those that don’t know the band, they have more than one song “The Reason” and when listening to that song you should not define them by this as nothing else they play sounds quite like it. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great tune but, it’s what everyone knows them for.

Their presence on stage is mesmerising. There is very little talking but so much energy, as they battle hit numbers from their array of albums over the years. A very confident presence with a fairly active crowd, cheering and dancing the night away. They open up with Pieces (note it has been written in especially for tonight’s show atop of the set list) My particular favourites were Out of Control (ironically Doug Robb looked fairly possessed) and Just One. This was an easy performance from those that know and have seen the band before, for those that have only heard a few of the tracks I’m sure they are newly converted fans.

Last up, the Co-Main event is Buckcherry, another band who seems to have a hard time here in the UK. They last supported Bowling For Soup and Steel Panther, an odd combination considering Buckcherry Is the only serious lyrical band, but of course I love them both for different reasons. Now, seeing Buckcherry and Hoobastank joint of the bill with Adelitas Way is much more fitting. They started their career a long time ago supporting acts like the legendary KISS. They produce a hard rock and roll sound and Josh Todd and Stevie D are the only founding members remaining as is common with bands going as long as these have, there are commonly changes but since I’ve been following them the line-up has been pretty solid.

Josh is as engaging as ever from the start of opening cover Head Like a Hole and Somebody Fucked With Me, he dances around the stage his focus is on entertainment. Equally intense are Kelly Lemieux’s glaring crazy eyes being a very memorable feature we’re all talking about, given he was born in Salem, it has that much more humour …..He’s possessed of course.

There’s not quite as much energy on stage as with Hoobastank but there is still plenty fans seems to be more in the moment, especially as we get to Say Fuck it. This is rock and roll as it comes and Josh does an impression of being drunk for Too Drunk…. A very good impression, are we sure he wasn’t drunk? Closing tonight’s set is Crazy Bitch, those eyes glaring away from Lemieux and one last final bow before ending a solid night of music.

There was something here for everyone, and while the venue was close to sold out with a mix of hard-core rockers with attitude, as well as some who were here for The Reason but. It’s safe to say it was a great night..

Reviewer/Photographer: Chris Bowley

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