Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy + PVRIS @ Utilita Arena, 31st October 2023

The Halloween version of a Fall Out Boy gig was a spectacular journey through their musical evolution. From the explosive opening chords to the encore, flames shooting into the air, fireworks, every moment was charged with electrifying energy.

Fall Out Boy

The whole band were in Halloween inspired fancy dress – Patrick Stump –  Lead vocalist and rhythm guitar – in full Beetlejuice garb, Pete Wentz – Bassist was the Big Bad Wolf plus a flame thrower for a bass guitar and Joe Trohman –  Lead guitarist as a Ghosterbuster.

Patrick Stump’s vocal prowess shone brightly, hitting both the high notes and the soulful lows with precision. Pete Wentz’s stage presence was magnetic, engaging the audience with his signature charisma. The band’s seamless transitions between hits like “Sugar, We’re Goin Down” and newer anthems kept the crowd on a euphoric high.

Fall Out Boy

The visual spectacle was just as impressive as the music itself, with dynamic lighting and effects amplifying the concert experience. The chemistry among the band members was evident, creating a tight-knit performance that felt both rehearsed and spontaneous.

What set this gig apart was the emotional connection between the band and the fans. Whether belting out the lyrics to the classics or embracing the newer material, the audience’s enthusiasm mirrored the band’s passion.

Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy didn’t just deliver a concert; they crafted a musical journey that resonated with the die-hard fans and newcomers alike. It was a night where nostalgia met the thrill of the present, leaving everyone in the venue with a lasting sonic imprint.

Support tonight was from PVRIS who also entered into the Halloween Themed fun was a mesmerizing experience that blurred the lines between alternative rock and electronic pop. Lynn Gunn’s haunting vocals captivated the audience, adding a raw and emotional layer to the performance.


The atmospheric lighting and stage design complemented the band’s sonic ambiance, creating an immersive atmosphere. PVRIS delivered a setlist that showcased their musical versatility, seamlessly transitioning from anthemic choruses to more intimate moments. It was a night where the audience didn’t just hear the music; they felt it pulsating through every beat.

Review and photographs Andy Shaw

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