Barn on the Farm, Ones to Watch- Mosa Wild

Nestled in the swampy heat of Friday afternoon the wooden Outdoor Stage is lit in bright purples and blues, a vortex of colours welcoming the next act. As fans huddle around pockets of shade the four members of Mosa Wild take to the stage. With a sort of transcendental pop flair the sound pumps through the field, immediately transfixing those nestled in the grass. 

With a slight 80s synth tinge, Mosa Wild’s songs are energetic explosions of intermixing instrumentals and layered vocals. It is a sound that the lads describe as being in “constant evolution,” something we chatted about after their set. They’ve never created music “by design. It’s just a happy accident.” With a unique sound it’s no surprise when the band tells me that they each bring their own ideas to the mix, a collaboration that creates anthemic escapism that was on full display at Barn on the Farm.

Their sound is not something we have ever heard before; sometimes the sort of synth pop rock can sound monotonous, but Mosa Wild offer up a new flavour. It is an exciting proposition that we adore, making them our Ones to Watch for this festival season.

Their BOTF set is just the beginning; Mosa Wild tells me that they will be back in the studio in the next few months. “We are going to carry on writing but our immediate goal is to get more music out. We are going into the studio in November” with an EP in mind. We can only hope that their music brilliance continues!

Along with studio time Mosa Wild are continuing get their stage dominance. Their BOTF set was an incredible experience of escapism, something they promise to bring to the stage when they take to the road with Jade Bird. With a pit stop at the O2 Institute on 23 November Mosa Wilds is one to not miss.
Interview and Photos: Kylie McCormick

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