Barn on the Farm, Best Set Sunday- Kawala

Sunday is always the day of struggle at music festivals. Not only are you tired and smelly, but you have to battle the immense crowds and queues. Luckily exuberant indie pop band Kawala was playing, a bright spot on our Barn on the Farm Sunday setlist. Kawala lit up the afternoon, infusing the warm Sunday air with electricity. We caught up with the band before their set to chat about their musical evolution and what is in store for the future.

It has been an exciting year for Kawala; following fellow Barn on the Farm artists George Ezra the year has taken them on a wild ride, breathing a sort of exuberance into the band. They started off playing acoustically driven songs, “our songs have always been based on the guitar with dual close harmonies and instruments,” but have sonically evolved into a genre-defying mashup of acoustic, indie rock, and synth pop sounds that intertwine to create a beautifully layered sonic movement.

Kawala still holds that this sort of acoustic sensibility anchors their sound, “the songs do not exist as songs unless we can play them in an acoustic setting. We got bored playing acoustic sets at churches, so we moved on into this sort of folky idie-ish sound.” Paired with new band members who bring in additional flavour, Kawala now creates infectiously uptempo records that will make you move.

At Barn on the Farm Kawala delivered this electric sound to fans braving the Sunday scorch. It was a set that left a lasting impression, a true resonation of pure creativity and a unique sound that is not heard on the radio. Live is the bands “bread and butter. We just try and have as much fun as possible, no routines.” Intermixing intimate and personal stage banter with their sound Kawala delivered our favourite Sunday set.

Kawala has an exciting road ahead. Along with their Barn on the Farm set the band told me they are playing a few other festivals and have some more shows with George Ezra! Along with that the lads are hoping back into the studio. While there isn’t anything definite they did tell me that their “need to constantly progress sonically” was pushing them to experiment with more “psych elements. Some of it is pretty mental.” We can’t wait to hear what Kawala will bring!

Hoping to create timeless records Kawala is finding their footing in this crazy musical world. With a clear energetic ethos and a live show that is unparalleled, Kawala puts on an indisputably energetic show. Their music is transformative, acoustic poignancy intermixed with a synth pop elation. If you aren’t already listening to Kawala, you should be! Bright things are ahead for the band, and we can’t wait to watch all that Kawala does.


Interview and Photos: Kylie McCormick

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