Barn on the Farm, Best Set Saturday- Indoor Pets

Saturday at Barn on the Farm was a nice, cool afternoon full of music. About midway through the day band Indoor Pets took to the Outdoor Stage and delivered a staggeringly brilliant set, a clear favourite of ours for the Barn on the Farm weekend. It was so good that we couldn’t help but make Indoor Pets our Saturday set of the day! After their set we had a little chat with the band, talking about music, travelling life, and what comes next.

Indoor Pets combine symphonic schizophrenia with powerhouse poeticism, a sort of indie pop rock brilliance that is pure magic. Their set at Barn on the Farm was an explosion of energy that left us breathless, song after song perfectly displaying the onslaught of sound.

When we chatted post set with Indoor Pets they told us that their has always been an underlying current of energy, so while their sound has evolved the ethos has remained a steady anchor. The foursome told me they “started off in the punk regions.” With “really fast songs” as the anchoring mode the band found that “generally as songwriters we found our natural melodies that came out were head bangers but slower paced.” And so the band crafted anthemic bangers with a chilled out head banger vibe.

“We want to see the crowd jumping up and down and moving along to it,” a sort of “sweet spot” that was on full display as the band took to the Outdoor Stage. Playing a compilation from their debut album Indoor Pets performed hit after hit, the “indie pop with riff tracks” springing forth. You can tell that Indoor Pets place just as much attention on creating a moment in their live shows as they do crafting the perfect single, a refreshing realisation that produces dynamic shows that live up to the perfection of their recorded brilliance. It is the creation of a “live moment” that drives their creative flow, the set a perfectly wrapped present delivered to the hungry audience.

So what is ahead for Indoor Pets? The band lets me know that a new album is in the early stages. They are “working on a new album, but we don’t have any deadlines. We have more freedom, their are no expectations for this one so it is a complete fresh palette.” The freedom seems exciting for the band, who are eager to continue creating. They are “looking forward to making an album that is from start to finish an entity in its own,” but don’t expect more of the same. Like any good band Indoor Pets is ready and anxious to evolve sonically; some people “expect a pop album but for us we are going to go down a path people don’t expect. It will be more abrasive, a representative of the live show in a way we haven’t yet done.” It is an exciting peak behind the curtain, and if the album parallels their live show it will no doubt be bombastically brilliant.

On the precipice of a moment, it seems to be an exciting time for Indoor Pets. They have locked in their ideas and drive, and are continuing to find fluidity in their sound. At Barn on the Farm Indoor Pets delivered the best set of Saturday, a face slapping energy punch that held within its core a creative musical masterpiece. We can’t wait to see what Indoor Pets continues to create.


Interview and Photos: Kylie McCormick


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