Barn on the Farm, Best Set Friday- Plested

An overflowing well of creativity, Plested is an artist with something to say, no matter what or who is saying it. You have no doubt heard of Plested’s work; writing for artists like Little Mox and Kygo his lyrical brilliance is loved by many. But Plested isn’t all man behind the curtain, he is also an overwhelmingly talented story teller whose artistic flair accompanies his singer songwriter vibe. We caught Plested on Friday at Barn on the Farm, chatting with him on a deconstructed stage during the weekend. 

It is clear from the beginning that Plested is a gifted artists; in an age when music is more than just sound Plested’s talents as both an illustrator and a musician are clear. His Barn on the Farm set was a perfectly curated musical wave, a flair for the brilliance intermixed with a sort of vulnerable authenticity that adds to Plested’s sound. 

Trading in art school for song writing Plested “started off writing songs for other people. I love writing songs, lyrics and melody are a big thing for me. I wrote for people like Little Mix and Kygo,” launching his career behind the pen. But Plested’s work behind the scenes didn’t last long, after writing a few hyper-personal songs Plested decided to move from songwriter to stage stomper.

“I wrote a few songs that I didn’t want anyone else to sing. I started playing a few small gigs and loved the reaction so started writing more. At first it was just me and my best friends writing and jamming out” and then it grew. Plested told me he likes experimenting with sound, with a keen ear that leans towards “raw and cinematic sound” his music is vulnerable and atmospheric, a perfect combination that graced the Barn on the Farm stage. Transporting the crowd with his music Plested’s set was a beautiful wave of sound and energy. We are not the only ones who are Plested fans. Some recent Radio 1 play has grown Plested’s fandom, clearly displayed as the Barn on the Farm field filled with fans.

Plested has some exciting future plans, including some new music and a headlining tour. Plested will be hitting up Birmingham, playing 18th October at Sunflower Lounge, a set not to miss.

At Barn on the Farm, Plested brilliantly displayed his perfectly poignant singer songwriter brilliance. Transporting fans to a new world as his song flitted around the field, transforming our Friday night. With promises of future music and an ever growing fandom we can’t wait to see what Plested has for us.


Interview and Photos: Kylie McCormick


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