Vended @ The Asylum, 24th May 2024

Opening the show for Vended were Profiler and The Gloom In Corner and it was great to not see a local support in sight. The term nepo-baby get banded around a lot these days and it’s understandable to see why (sorry Roman Kemp) but it’s hard to distinguish whether much of the crowd on Friday evening were there for the band or the Slipknot associations.

Formed in Des Moines, Iowa the band is made up or Corey Taylor’s son on vocals as well as Clown’s son on drums. It’s clear that Griffin has taken some pointers from his father, from his vocal style to his ‘Let me see you scream’ type call outs however I don’t want this review to be a comparison.

Backed by a stylised stage show that’s rare for this sized venue, the band were clearly in control of the crowd and this wasn’t an attempt to prove their worth. Blasting through tracks from their previous releases as well as unreleased tracks, the band were fronted by face paint and masked individuals that made the show exciting and edgy.

From mosh pits to head banging, this was no prove your worth job and was most certainly we know you and we want to be impressed. The short set time was probably the only indication that perhaps the band had shot up from nowhere, however it didn’t seem that anyone left disappointed. Perhaps when Slipknot’s time in the spotlight ends, Vended can take the flame.
Am I the Only One
Burn My Misery
Overall Serenity
Where the Honesty Lies
The Far Side
Ded to Me

Review: Dan Earl

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