ValeFest, 8th June 2019

ValeFest, the largest charity student run festival in Europe, always touts an impressive line-up, but this year went above and beyond. With massive headlining sets from The Hunna and Ivory Wave, read more about them here, the festival crafted a perfect Saturday. Here are a few highlights from bands we caught throughout the day!  Creature Appeal: indie band Create Appeal kicked off our ValeFest. With fresh, groovy vibes the band was a clear fan favourite as people flocked to the tent to catch a listen of the band. A complex layering of sound, Creature Appeal created beautiful instrumental moments that washed over the crowd, a sort of perfect amalgamation of elements that kicked off our day!

Harico: promising to get in as many songs as possible, Harico took to the biggest stage in their career with ease. Their uptempo sound and melodic moments had everyone up and dancing, bringing a real festival vibe to ValeFest.

Young Culture: with a reggae touch, a sound that would permeate throughout ValeFest, Young Culture warmed up the rain-chilled crowd with their engaging and catchy sound. Their steadily evolving sound was intriguing, a band we will follow for some time.Midge: with a soft voice and acoustic guitar Midge brought a soft and delicate sound to the stage. Her angelic voice created a perfect portal of escapism, the crowd falling in love with her calming contemplative stories.Kioko: multicultural funk pop reggae band Kioko lit up the main stage, their energy inescapable. With layered vocals and a multitude of instruments including some impressive trumpet Kioko brought a Caribbean cool to a typically rainy British day. The infectious glee had the crowd dancing, clearly floored by the sonic brilliance of the band.Guyana: with a classic rock touch Guyana took to the Lake stage. Their massive anthemic songs clearly captured this sort of punk rock attitude, and fans were loving it. Feeding off the teenage angst and rage Guyana brought a much needed rock flavour to the days events.

Jacob Oldroyd: hitting up the acoustic stage, Oldroyd brought a sweet acoustic vibe to the day. His sentimental and emotional lyrics were aided by an airy vocal delivery, a true delight to listen to. As the sun peaked out you could feel the mood elevate, no doubt a reflection of Oldroyd’s musical prowess.Bloxx: female fronted rock band Bloxx took to the main stage for an evening slot. With smooth transitions in between songs and a reverberating rock sound the band lit a fire to fans who wildly danced along. Bloxx curates a set with elongated instrumentals and hard-hitting riffs, a perfect balance for any rock band.Alex Lleo: back on the acoustic stage Lleo was a shining star. His sultry voice intermingled with a lightness of the acoustic guitar, transforming the space into another world. His name is one that you should follow!Saint Raymond: apart from the other headliners, Saint Raymond was a favourite set for many. The indie rock band crafted an almost perfect summer festival feel, pairing anthemic high energy songs with bouncy pop rock. The clear crisp vocals danced around lively instrumentals, a cacophony of sound that everyone loved. As fans bounced around feeling the freedom of festival life, Saint Raymond responded with hit after hit.


Review: Kylie McCormick

Photographer: Andra Tudoran, Adriana Vasile


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