Two Door Cinema Club @ Birmingham Academy 2, 15th September 2010


On the first night of the UK leg of Two Door Cinema Club’s new tour, the sold out crowd seemed ready to dance and sing the night away with guiltless passion.

But before all that, came the first band of the evening, Kowalski. I for one was not familiar with their sound, but I can safely say that, unfortunately, it’s nothing that hasn’t been heard before. Very much similar to tonight’s headliner’s the sound consists of a barrage of indie rock sprinkled with some pretty keys to make the girls smile. There’s no denying that they’re talented, but it’s a sound that’s been replicated before.


Next to grace the stage are We Have Band, who appear to take a very untypical, but by no means bad formation of instruments, with all three members singing and playing various percussion and synth sounds, all the while being accompanied by a bassist and drummer. Their music is just perfect for a mid week pick up and they deliver a very danceable set but also a powerful and accessible feeling to the songs that certainly connects with those who are watching. Considering how many people were dancing by the end, We Have Band are sure to have gained some fans.


If the pre entry chants are anything to go by, everybody is as excited as I was. Coming on stage to blast straight into Cigarettes in the Theatre it becomes clear how established a live band TDCC have become over such a short time in the limelight.

The crowd is obviously in fine voice as they serenade the band all through tonight’s events. Next comes Undercover Martyn which takes the dancing to a whole new level. From young to old, everyone is having a go at making the most of such a wonderful art that’s placed before them. The colourful lighting does a lot to complement and accompany the band, working as a good mood setter for songs which just resonate happiness and good times.

This Is the Life follows, and I recognise that almost every song has in fact the potential to be a hit, which can only work in favour of the band. Extended intros and endings on each of the songs, make not only for a sense of unknowing as to what could next be played, but also a chance to consider how powerful and modern sounding each of tonight’s songs are. Next come Costume Party and Hands Off My Cash, which seem to be unknown throughout most of tonight’s crowd meaning that they fail to take off as a live experience but work perfectly as songs. Labelling You’re Not Stubborn as a dancy song was probably the best assumption the band can make, as this sure seems to happen from the off. Do You Want It All and Something Good Can Work get back to being very high in bass, which could be due to the addition of drums to the band, create a euphoria type moment for those who are experiencing it. When bassist Kevin Baird points out that this is in fact only the third time that the band have played in the town, you can see how far the band has come not only in professional standards but also live performance in that time.


Next became time for a new song, which continues in the vein of their previous songs, but is yet to be titled. What You Know and Eat That Up bring the set to a close, with What You Know having a slow intro worked into it, making the main song itself seem a lot bigger. As the band return for an encore, Come Back Home is a very funky number with the crowd certainly feeling very close to the band in such an intimate setting. As the intro to I Can Talk kicks in, announced as the last song the crowd act accordingly. In great passion.

I would say that the only criticism I can say of tonight is the fact that at some points you can hear instruments onstage that are not in fact being played onstage, but this in no way takes away from the talent that these boys have on stage. The love and commitment that the fans seem to have to the band, is a pleasure to watch and experience.

Reviewer: Dan Earl
Photographer: Ian Dunn

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