Tom Walker @ o2 Institute, 18th October 2018

The first time we encountered Tom Walker we where huddled along with a small group of sweaty people in The Sunflower Lounge, mesmerized by the power and magnitude of his voice. We knew from that moment that Walker would be a staple in our music scene, and we were not wrong!

Over the next year we caught Walker steadily increasing venue size, dotting his touring with a number of festival shows. On a cold Thursday night we found Tom Walker playing to a sold out O2 Institute, a show of great magnitude that was awe inspiring! With a mind-boggling powerful voice and a genuinely authentic personality, Tom Walker has the perfect concoction of sound and personality, transposing him to the slow climb to stardom.

Massive anthematic ‘Fly Away With Me’ and rock tinged ‘Heartland’ opened the show. In an explosion of sound and light, Walker commanded the stage like a seasoned artist, no hint of the meek vulnerability we saw from Walker’s early show. Tom has made his way in the industry and his confidence paired with his outrageous sound has created a formidable beast.

Coated in red lights electric ‘Play Dead’ crescendos in sound, a balance between ease and aggression. A choir of fans who sing with enthusiasm follows fan favourite ‘My Way’. After a sip of wine new tune ‘Walk Alone’ floats through the speakers, a hopeful warm sound that shifts the mood in a positive way. Just as the energy is ramping up the band walks away, leaving Walker on the stage with his guitar. Bluesy ‘Blessings’ whines through, its tempered simplicity bringing that singer songwriter mentality that permeated the early career of Walker. The lull does not last for long, with the band back on stage ‘In The End’ seeps through, fans going wild over the poetic and reflective storytelling song.

Bombastic ‘How Can You Sleep At Night’ finds Walker’s vocals soaring through the room, shaking the pillars like a violent earthquake. Bathed in purple Walker and band launch into massive hit ‘Just You & I,’ a clear fan favourite. Newest single ‘Angels’ is followed by ‘Rapture,’ rounding out the set. After a short moment ‘Not Giving In’ and ‘Leave A Light On’ round out the night.





Reviewer and photographer: Kylie McCormick

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