Tom Walker @ O2 Academy Birmingham, 14th November 2019

Taking to a packed out O2 Academy on Thursday evening, Tom Walker is currently riding high on the success of his debut album ‘What A Time To Be Alive’ from which most of the evening’s material is drawn.

Recently the album has been re-released, Walker took the time to tell the stories behind many of the tracks, backed by a full band.

Tom’s distinctive vocal was showcased throughout, with the sound being crystal clear in a sometimes muddy sounding venue.

Tracks such as ‘Just You and I’, ‘Better Half of Me’ and ‘Leave A Light On’ had the crowd singing at the top of their lungs, whilst ‘Walk Alone’ and ‘Angels’ added some pace and energy to a set that could easily drift into being too slow.

Walker’s appeal outside of the vocal and songwriting ability, is his clear familiarity and personality in engaging with the crowd. Whilst at times the set falls into ‘generic major label male singer’ territory, there are some gems in the catalogue that make him stand out against the rest.

It’s obvious that the show would be better suited to a more welcoming venue such as the Symphony Hall which will hopefully happen on future tours, however it’s not a far stretch to see him in arenas before long.


Reviewer: Dan Earl

Photographer: Marc Osborne



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