Tom Walker @ Castle and Falcon, 25 November, 2017

In the wood clad backroom of The Castle and Falcon a certain nonchalant yet excited energy stirred. Small and intimate, the room held a crowd of a couple of hundred that were waiting patiently for star on the rise Tom Walker. The artist, marked by his recent addition to BBC Music’s Sound of 2018 list as well as MTV’s Brand New 2018 list, has seen a steady rise  from small shows to festival bangers. A mixture of bluesy rasp and quick paced singer songwriter, Tom Walker is an enigma wrapped in a jolly attitude releasing warm and authentic songs that bring a warm vibe.

Tom Walker has soul; his voice is deep and resonating, his lyrical content provocative and playful. As his success continues to grow those who happen upon Walker at the moment are truly finding a voice that will one day rule radio waves. At his sold out gig at The Castle and Falcon, Tom took to the stage, his velvety jazz texture coming to life with gig starting “Sun Goes Down” and “Fly Away With Me.” Both songs combine sonic elements from jazz, hip-hop, singer songwriter and indie that create this amalgamation of sound that is powerful. Along with these sonic elements is Walker’s rasp, a voice that has so much texture and depth that it is overwhelming and staggering. His voice fills the room, edged forward by a gleeful personality that makes his between song banter just as enjoyable as the actual tunes.

Love drunk song “Just You and I” is followed by slow moving melodic “Blessings.” The range of styles proves the brilliance and range behind Walker. Walker is not defined by a genre nor by a sound, rather he takes moments of life and encapsulates them in very specific sounding moments. New song “Angels,” is a little more layered and produced from his early work, is a commanding and authoritative tune that immediately encapsulates the awe of the crowd. Uptempo rock pop “Karma,” “Play Dead,” and “Heartland” are immediate crowd favourites with everyone singing along. “Rapture” and “Leave a Light” round out the set with a rock funk tune ending the night.

You cannot put Tom Walker into a box. He is indefinable both in terms of genre and music style. All that is certain is  Walker’s booming voice that cascades and flows through the crowd is earth shattering and foundationally shifting. The artist has rightfully been added to an accolade of lists that confirm what crowds already know, that Tom Walker is an artist on the rise who enwraps listeners with a sense of hope and warmth.

At The Castle and Falcon Tom Walker delivered a stand out performance that solidified his position as one to get to know.


Reviewer: Kylie McCormick

Photographer: Chris Bowley

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