Thin Lizzy + Clutch + Triggerfinger @ Wolverhampton Civic Hall, 27th January 2012


Tonight is an early start by most gig standards, the first band, Triggerfinger, take to the stage at 7.10 and having never heard of them before, impress. A three piece who remind me of Screaming Blue Messiahs, they play hard and fast and despite being suited and booted certainly crank out some powerful stuff. Due to the very early start they are playing to a near empty venue, which is a shame, but they have good tunes and are certainly worth another listen.


Next up are Clutch, and it’s clear there’s a number who have attended tonight just to see them. Clutch are difficult to describe, as they cover various genres, metal, blues, funk but they are awesome, and have an impressive set of riffs and songs, and in vocalist Neil Fallon they have an engaging frontman. I’ve since download their back catalogue and want to see them again. They even have their own separate merchandise stand selling everything from vinyl to hats!


The stage is cleared and at 9.15 we are asked “are you ready”, as the back curtain drops to reveal the ‘Thin Lizzy’ logo in LED’s. I’ve attended tonight with my brother, a Lizzy fan from back in the day, he last saw them at the Civic in 1976, and it’s good to see Scott Gorham and Brian Downey back on stage blasting out Lizzy hits. Obviously the untimely passing of Phil Lynott was a huge loss to music in general, not only Thin Lizzy, and tonight is testament to his writing as his songs truly stand the test of time.


Taking up vocals in the new line-up is Ricky Warwick, who I last saw in The Almighty, and I have to say he does a fantastic job. He’s a complete opposite to Phil, being loud, tattooed and dare I say brash at times, but it works, and the twin guitars is a unique sound of Thin Lizzy. The set features all the usual hits, but I have to admit my only disappointment is the lack of songs from the ‘Thunder and Lightning’ album, which was my first introduction to Thin Lizzy (previous attempts by my brother had fell on deaf ears).


The audience comprised largely of middle-aged folk, but those of a younger generation should check out Thin Lizzy. Yes the talisman may not be here in person, but his spirit lives on through glorious songs, and whilst they have a rock edge, the tenderness of “Still in love with you” is simply stunning.

A fantastic night, three great bands, one already legends and maybe another couple in the wings waiting.


Clutch setlist
Slow Hole To China
50 000 Unstoppable Watts
Cypress Grove
Mice & Gods
The Yeti
The Devil & Me
The Regulator
The Incomparable Mr.Flannery
Electric Worry


Thin Lizzy setlist
Are You Ready
Bad Reputation
Don’t Believe A Word
Killer On The Loose
Dancing In The Moonlight
Angel Of Death
Still In Love With You
Whiskey In The Jar
Sha La La
Waiting For An Alibi
Cowboy Song
Boys Are Back In Town
Black Rose

Review – Glenn Raybone
Photos – Katja Ogrin

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