The Temper Trap @ Birmingham Academy, 4th May 2010

The Temper Trap

The Temper Trap exude kindness, generosity and a genuine love for their music and audience. Their set is soaring and melodic with great thundering live instrumentals from The Drum Song where front man Dougy brilliantly gets to blast it out on his own drum and cymbal and work up the crowd. The echoing drums and guitars hint at The Cure’s Disintegration with touches of the Mars Volta but without the self indulgent, 20 minute live epics.

The Temper TrapThe Temper Trap

Every sound they made was full of harmony and power and the crowd loved it, beaming with happy vibes throughout the night.

I was surprised the beautiful and well radio aired Sweet Disposition wasn’t performed at the end. When The Science of Fear was played I barely realised the night was over. It must be a strong song as there were a lot of requests for it. Sadly it didn’t leave me feeling uplifted which was a shame when the beginning of the night had been so impressive.

The Temper TrapThe Temper Trap

After a weekend of bank holiday shenanigans The Temper Trap were the perfect antidote. Dougy’s high but perfectly in tune vocals mixed so well with the crisp, bashing beat leaving me feeling elevated and inspired. When a band is capable of evoking such good hearted feelings they are definitely worth a try.

Review & Photos – Christine Tellier

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