The Erotics + Falling Red + Sue You For Your Souls @ Dudley JBs – 7th April 2009


Tuesday nights have never been that busy at JBs and tonight was really no exception with only a handful of fans at the venue. When I arrived the main entrance door was pulled to and, to be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure the gig was on. I wasn’t even on the guest list but after a bit of negotiating with the guy on the door I was allowed in. Just goes to show sometimes security guys can be a good bunch.

First band on stage was Sue You For Your Soul, a 4 piece typical rock band who sung, from what I could make out, about doctors and cures and getting wet and wild!! Sorry guys, please come up with something a little bit more original. The one plus point though was the singer sounded in my opinion like Sean Harris from Diamond Head – not a bad thing.


Carlisle hasn’t really been renown as the Mecca for bands but Falling Red could help change that view. A 4 piece in the vein of Foo Fighters, AC/DC, Killswitch Engage, with a punk edge gave us a driving, infectious set that certainly got the feet tapping. Guitarist Shane Kirk runs round the JB’s stage like a man possessed and throws every pose in the book, but hey, it’s entertainment and there are a few bands around who could take the example from Kirk’s stage presence.


The too short set gave us songs from the recently released album If You Ain’t Down With The Rock, which the band are currently promoting and it’s well worth a listen.


The Erotics could be, and really should be, described as America’s dirtiest, sleeziest band and with vocalist Mike Trash’s group of swaggering cohorts not sounding too disimilar to Crue, Faster Pussycat and at times The Georgia Satellites, the future can only look filthy. The Albany punk turned rock band appear on stage with no intro tape and with a beer or two kick into a set list of pure sleeze rock.

‘Push comes to Death’ with its chugging guitars and bad attitude vocals from songwriter Trash certainly gets the head nodding.


‘Baby Rock out’ gives us some of the best understated slide guitar riffing I’ve heard for a longtime but the highlight of the set had to be ‘Get Away From Me Mother******’ – a Georgia Sats type southern drawl which leads us away from the snarling numbers that went before but still retaining the band hard attitude.


AC/DC’s ‘Walk All Over You’ closes a night which really should have been seen by a full venue and not by the small number that knew they were there to see a band who really shouldn’t be kept a secret.

The band’s latest album is called ‘Rubbish’………….but this bunch certainly ain’t.

Review & Photos – Andy Whitehouse

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1 thought on “The Erotics + Falling Red + Sue You For Your Souls @ Dudley JBs – 7th April 2009

  1. Excellent revue, I couldn’t have said it all any better! Need more fans for these gigs. People just don’t know what they are missing.
    We went to two of Erotics gigs and had the best time ever, band are good people and very talented. Good nights for all. Need more advertisement ofr these gigs.

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