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The Deadnotes @ The Sunflower Lounge, 29th August 2023

With festival season in full swing, it usually proves difficult in August to find gigs in this fair city so it was a pleasant sight to find The Deadnotes playing The Sunflower Lounge on a wet and damp Tuesday evening. 

Opening the show were local band Social Format, who were given a later stage time due to the second local support failing to show up, and they provided the large crowd with a set mixed of original material and covers including Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game. Beaming smiles, guitar solos and catchy hooks gave the audience exactly what they were looking for although it was presumably largely made up of friends and family given the mass exodus to the exit before the evening’s headliners.  

Founded in Germany in 2011, The Deadnotes are a pop punk band from Freiburg, Germany and made the long drive over as part of a UK & EU tour. Having toured the UK a number of times previously, it was a shame to see the band pull such a small crowd, however it certainly didn’t stop the band giving it their all and putting on a fantastic show. Led by bassist Jakob and guitarist Darius, the band are joined by a live drummer for their live performances.

With custom guitar cabs and a huge backdrop behind them, it’s clear that the band have performed on a wide size of stages and this comes across from the performance in that they’re performing as if to an arena sized venue. ‘Forever Outsider’, ‘Fickle Fake Friend’, ‘Dog Years’ and ‘Deer In The Headlights’ showcased a range of tones and moods but all songs are backed by an enthusiastic and engaging performance. Whether lack of interest, lack of promotion or the fact it’s summer, the turnout for the evening certainly put a dampener of proceedings however I’ll tell you all now to go and see The Deadnotes next time they’re in town and hopefully they’ll have a bigger audience the next time.  

Review: Dan Earl

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