The Adicts + Drongos For Europe + Crashed Out @ Birmingham Academy 2 – 14th September 2008


Jarrow boys Crashed Out kicked off tonight’s punk proceedings in a half full Academy 2. Starting with ‘Murder’ tattoo-adorned singer, Chris Wright prowled the stage, their sound a little reminiscent of Dropkick Murphys. They had a fantastic stage presence and some great, solid songs. The crowd seemed a little distracted to start with, but to be fair to Crashed Out, I don’t think the majority of people there knew they were playing as they weren’t listed on the bill. By the time they got to ‘Dare to Be Different’ they had got everyone’s attention with their catchy tunes and funny stage antics, which included an intro of Bryan Adams hit ‘Summer of 69’, and Wright parading around with the guitarist on his shoulders. They played an enjoyable set and finished with the amazing song ‘I want it’.


By the time Drongos For Europe hit the stage, the Academy 2 had filled up a bit, proving these local favourites are as popular as ever, even at £17+ a ticket! Kicking off with ‘Lie To Us’, Tommy Drongo dedicated the song to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, showing their infectious anti-establishment spirit has never dampened. Storming straight into the next song ‘Wake Up Call’, which is a truly brilliant punk anthem, Tommy Drongo looked wild eyed as he screamed out lyrics to his captivated audience. Drongos are always a pleasure to see live and tonight was no exception. Although, tonight there was more of a family feel than normal, with many of the people here having brought their kids, including the Drongos. Tommy’s young son joined him on stage to do guest vocals for ‘Who the Fuck’, which was again brilliant, Tommy joking with the crowd that if his throat packed up his son will be taking over. Finishing the set with ‘Hope and Glory’ everyone appeared to be in high spirits for the next band to take the stage.


I’ve never seen The Adicts before and didn’t really know what to expect. On their MySpace page they claim to be the only punk band with the same line up since 1975, so I was interested to see the show they would present tonight.

Entering the stage to some very dramatic music and bathed in red light, front man Monkey appeared dressed in a sparkling waistcoat and jester hat, with his trademark face paint. Like some scary (yet still friendly) Joker, he threw oversized playing cards into the crowd sending them into a frenzy trying to grab one for a keepsake. Fittingly, they opened the set with ‘Joker’; Monkey had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand as they went straight into ‘Lets Go’.


Confetti cannons were fired from the side of the stage and it began to turn into some kind of punk carnival! Songs ‘Troubadour’, ‘Jonny’ and ‘Fuck it Up’ followed, along with yet more theatrics from Monkey, he innocently twirled an umbrella only to fling it open, streamers and confetti exploding out of it. I found it really difficult to concentrate on the songs, as Monkey was a mesmerising front man with his circus-like antics. ‘Just Like Me’, ‘Bad Girl’ and ‘Chinese’ came next, along with a stage invasion (of sorts) after that. The Adicts put on a truly entertaining show with something for everyone here tonight, including the kids, proving that the original punks do it best, and you’re never too hardcore for a confetti cannon!


Words & Photos – Lucy Pryor

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