Teddy Thompson + Sandrine + The Grey Race at The Glee Club Birmingham – 24th September 2008

Teddy Thompson
I like the Glee Club. There’s a certain je-ne-sais-quoi about it. An ambience of fun and mischief, combined with a cool demeanour and soft underbelly. I mean, where else can you eat burger and chips and still be on the front row of your favourite gig? I kid you not. It’s folk and roll. I’ve seen it — it’s the future.

And so it was that Teddy Thompson found himself in Birmingham on a Wednesday night entertaining an eclectic mix of punters who invariably attend any number of the Glee Clubs comedy or music nights combined with the socialite officiandos of Birmingham’s music scene.
But first the support which came in the shape of the The Grey Race and the delectable Sandrine.

Brooklyn’s Grey Race were playing their first ever gig on UK soil, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves as they jingle-jangled their way through their poppy set.

Next up Sandrine — with the assistance of her predecessors bass player. The diminutive songstress, whose speaking voice was little more than a whisper, banged away on the piano with the grace and elegance of a ballerina whilst mesmerising the appreciative crowd with her near angelic voice.
Teddy Thompson
It was then the turn of Thompson to take to the stage, again with the assistance of the persistent bass player.

The crooner – born in a London-based Sufi Commune to famous parents Richard and Linda Thompson (he was destined to sing wasn’t he) — ambled onto the stage armed with his trusty acoustic guitar much to the delight of the audience.

A cross between Hugh Grant and Chris Isaak, Thompson’s happy brand of upbeat folk pop thoroughly entertained the appreciative crowd. As he strummed his way through his fourth album “A Piece Of What You Need”, playing fans’ favourites from “In My Arms” and the haunting “Where To Go From Here”, the crowd bobbed and wriggled around like an excitable puppy happy to see its owner. You get the picture.

Teddy is currently touring with who you would imagine is a kindred spirit, James Blunt. If this is your bag you really should take the opportunity to see them both. You won’t be disappointed.
Teddy Thompson
Words: Zak Edwards
Photography: Bianca Barrett

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6 thoughts on “Teddy Thompson + Sandrine + The Grey Race at The Glee Club Birmingham – 24th September 2008

  1. Help what was the rock cover Teddy did near the end of the set I am getting no help remembering it
    What an ace venue and a mega act Your photos are great
    The Leonard cohen song was written for Ted LC just didnt know it at the time

  2. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting on our review and photos. It was the first time I have seen Teddy and I was really impressed 🙂

    I took a photo of the set list here’s what it said…

    Jonathan’s book
    Don’t know what I was thinking
    In my arms
    The things I do
    Where to go from here
    Thanks alot
    Can’t think straight

    Long life (I’m not sure if he did this song as his guitar was playing up)

    I wish it was over
    One of these days
    Turning the gun…
    Tonight will be fine
    What’s this?
    A piece of what you need

    Everybody move it
    The price of love
    In my arms (reprise)

    I’m not very familiar with Teddy’s work but I’m sure all of the titles mean more to you.


  3. well done you are a star It was THE PRICE OF LOVE
    It is interesting what his latest CD has done A lot of people had not heard of him
    The girl of a couple I sat next to heard the latest CD Bought all the others on Amazon and her feller had brought her to the Glee as a surprise She did not know where she was going and was even prepared for a bungy jump She was relieved and really impressed with him live What a voice and great talker Thanks again

  4. You’re welcome Paul, glad to help. I read somewhere that Teddy’s latest album ‘A Piece Of What You Need’ has got to No 10 on the UK charts… Go TT! I love the story about the couple at the gig :D. I completely agree… what a voice indeed.

  5. “Teddy is currently touring with who you would imagine is a kindred spirit, James Blunt.”

    Is this guy serious? Kindred spirit? Well, they’re both male singers I suppose, but comparisons end there….

  6. well i just can`t believe how damn brilliant teddy thompson is live, i`m nearly 60 years old and seen a lot of performers over the years, but this guy is right smack bang up at the top, the two tracks he did solo on acoustic guitar (can`t remember which they were) just knocked me out. best gig i`ve seen for years. genius

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