Superfood @ Mama Rouxs, 11th October, 2017



A sold out evening of home-grown talents was on the cards for Mama Roux and the anticipation in the room was exhilarating. Feel-good and release were the motifs for the night and the bands really went to town in giving the fans what they wanted.

Spilt Milk Society kicked us off with a bouncing surfer tune that brought home the winning Wednesday feeling. Lead singer Harry dominated the stage like delicious Christmas Yeti in his white furry coat lit with neon lights which continued the theme of fun. The energy continued into the second song with awesome thrashing guitars and drums which inevitably set free the drummers hair. And For the Last Time was certainly not as morbid as it sounded after the notice ‘the next is a song about a dead cat’.

They threw Anhedonia out, a song yet to be released which, to start had some seemingly Thundercats synth undertones, but grabbed a real funk vibe that bore a really meaty tune. It was a nice touch from the bassist and drummer to jam a little interlude while the others swapped instruments for It Tastes Like Summer which brought with it a nice change of pace to the set. Harry Held it together well when he snapped a string in the final song and the band were tight and solid throughout their set, bringing a really punchy feel to the finale.

Ivory Wave, a four piece brand-clad group of lads were next up, sporting the three stripes of Adidas and crested with Fila. They dropped in with a pacey tune, George’s Northern drawl introducing them with Separate Beat. Their solid indie cruise was a staple throughout, held together with punching tunes and a tight beat. Playing new songs went down well with the crowd and they kept the momentum for the big act everyone was there to see.

The night’s headliners received an oh so warm welcome and came on bouncing into action. Superfood threw the room about immediately with their funky lounge beats of Where’s the bass amp? Instantly the crowd stepped up a gear, jumping and singing, throwing their arms in the air. It was clear the sell-out crowd were here for them. Double Dutch saw one of the most majestic crowd surfers of recent times, a satin clad young lady being gently sifted above the pit and finally engulfed by the crowd, hungry for Superfood. She opened the surfing gates but those that followed were a lot scrappier. The whole floor was bouncing; if you were in the pit, you were in the groove, singing and bouncing, no doubt about it. One strum of the next song and a huge cheer rose through the venue as they played You Can Believe. A half-naked guy on someone’s shoulders conducted the audience waving his arms in the air, saluted by the guitarist Ryan.

Singer Dominic addressed the crowd and an adorning scream howled back at him. More again as he announced they will play a song from the new album, Clo Park. A strong and beautiful track gratefully received. Raindance came next, much to the shimmering delight of all at Mama Roux, and particularly one heavier set fan who, intent on crowd surfing, gave many a mouth full of low-flying crotch.

Right On Satellite brought everyone on the room together in a truly special moment. Amidst the crowd surfing and mosh pit madness that ensued the entirety of the bottom floor, everyone joined together to sing this back to the band in a moment of sheer passion and joy, Dominic shaking his beans in a can and Ryan beaming. Though bassist Emily didn’t crack a smile you were sure she was smiling in her heart. Need a Little Spider brings some fabulous 90’s video gaming sounds along with a trunk load of funk, just what the crowd had ordered, followed by a smasher of TV where the room once again explodes and bonkers is the norm.

By now the room has got very warm and the crowd have been going mental solidly to you would think the point of exhaustion, but they next show they really are Unstoppable, though the sweat can be seen glistening from everyone. Dominic explains the next song is about the experience of being at a festival and not being able to see your hands so I Can’t See really explains it all. The crowd belt the song back to the band for their final throw before the encore.

Cheers, clapping and chants welcome back drummer Carl who begins the crescendo of Natural Supersoul and when in full swing there is not one person in the house unable to submit to the feel good bounce, ensuring the feet of everyone in a mile radius has succumb to the beat. The big hitter Superfood closed the night in style, with a crowd unable to jump any higher and even Emily beaming, sure evidence that Superfood had brought home that ‘feel-good’ and then some, with everyone leaving that night with their own portion of Superfood joy.

Photographs: Marc Osborne

Review: Ceri Osborne

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