Stereophonics @ The LG Arena, 6th March 2010


Stereophonics arrive on stage without the aid of any OTT graphics or over-hyped audio/visual presentations, just four men strolling on stage to a packed crowd at the LG Arena. Even Kelly Jones was without his signature leather jacket and aviators but the gravely-voiced Welshmen promised “a mix of some new, some old, and some really old songs”. I think it was fair to say that the evening was about the music.


The band open with the first single (“Innocent”) from their new album (“Keep Calm & Carry On”), which is mainly well received by fans before hurling into their back catalogue, playing “Maybe Tomorrow”, “Live ‘n’ Love” and “Mr Writer”.


With the occasional on-stage banter and after a few jokes with the crowd, Stereophonics went on to play “Have a Nice Day”, “Just Looking” and “Local Boy In A Photograph” before thanking everyone for coming out and leaving the stage.


After a short break, the band return to stage for an encore, much to the delight of the 1000’s of fans still waiting to “She’s Alright” and “The Bartender and The Thief” before finally closing the night as always, with “Dakota”. A fantastic, well balanced (old/new) night for the mixed crowd.

Set List:

A Thousand Trees
More Life In A Tramps Vest
I Got Your Number
Pick a Part That’s New
Stuck In a Rut
I Wouldn’t Believe Your Radio
Maybe Tomorrow
Live ‘n’ Love
Could You Be The One?
Same Size Feet
Mr. Writer
Have A Nice Day
Caravan Holiday
Just Looking
Local Boy In A Photograph

She’s Alright
The Bartender And The Thief

Review & Photos – Chris Barber

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