Steps + Shockolady & Mr Smith + Kamaliya @ Birmingham LG Arena – 12th April 2012

Everybody’s doing it! Reforming and playing to bigger crowds than they ever did when they first appeared on the scene. And one of the most anticipated comeback tours for pop fans is the return of Steps.

Kamaliya started off the night as the supporting act and the PA did not sound good! She did a valiant job entertaining a crowd hell bent on seeing the headliners. Her set was raunchy with a compilation of acrobatic dancers and interesting looking performers wearing white zorb suits with extended arms, but this was the only thing on stage to have provoked a reaction from the crowd.

Shockolady came out to the crowd with a bit more energy and was supported by rapper Mr. Smith which gave an element of surprise to the pop loving crowd, which they unexpectedly took to. They reacted well to the duo who did their best to sell themselves to the crowd of die hearted Steps fans.

On to the Main Event.

As Steps made their way to the stage it felt as if the whole venue was transported back to the 90s, with the nostalgia that they brought on stage with them. Their entrance was something that would not look out of place in a sci-fi movie set and it definitely caught the attention of the near enough sell out venue.

The band started off their set by performing hit singles ‘Here and Now’, ‘Last Thing On My Mind’ and ‘Chain Reaction’. Half-way through the first set they stopped the on-going party and divided the crowds into five sections, designating each Steps member to a group. It was like an unexpected hyper-charged workout session, with the audience feeling thrilled to take part. The highlight of the night, no surprise, was the performance of ‘Tragedy’ – a cover of the Bee Gees classic which was Steps’ most commercially successful song. Witty, catchy; an era-defining song with an easy dance to match.

I cannot speak highly enough of Steps for an overall great, entertaining night with family-friendly performances. It was good to see fans, old and new, enjoying the light-hearted pop music and bridging the gap between the ever changing markets of pop music.

Review – Chadwick Jackson

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