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State Champs + Supports @ O2 Institute, 18th May 2022

Opening the show for State Champs tonight were Melbourne pop punk band Between You & Me, who were clearly already well known amongst the ever growing Birmingham crowd, who remained lively and engaged throughout the short thirty minute set. Performing mostly tracks from latest album ‘Armageddon’ including ‘Go To Hell’ and ‘Deadbeat’, the band proved an excellent choice to open up the evening’s proceedings.

Unfortunately, not such positive praise can be given to Cleveland’s Heart Attack Man, who acted as main support for the evening. The band’s version of punk was certainly less familiar sounding to the evening’s headliners and there was distinct lack of energy amongst the crowd throughout the band’s set. Whilst proving mildly entertaining the band clearly didn’t ignite the crowd in the same way that the other bands were able to.

Following the release of their fourth full length record ‘Kings Of The New Age’, State Champs were in Birmingham at the O2 Institute on Wednesday evening for their first UK tour following the pandemic. Opening with two new songs ‘Here To Stay’ and ‘Eventually’, the band proceeded to blast through a 20 song set spanning all corners of their career without a moment’s breath or let up. Recently becoming a
four piece, the energy displayed from all members didn’t stray and fed the audience to keep moving and singing along throughout the

New tracks such as ‘Outta My Head’ and ‘Everybody But You’ fitted in perfectly beside older favourites such as ‘Secrets’ and ‘Mine Is Gold’. The only criticism was perhaps some strange vocal effects and heavy use of backing track on a few songs, however this did nothing to take away from the talent and ability of the musicianship being shown onstage. It’s quite astounding at this point in the band’s career they can play such a hit fuelled set that doesn’t dip for a second without filler or songs that the crowd are less excited to hear.

It’s testament to what a fantastic band State Champs are and you should look forward to them doing longer and longer sets in the future.

State Champs Setlist:
Here To Stay
Outta My Head
Hard to Please
Mine Is Gold
Act Like That
Simple Existence
Easy Enough
Just Sound
Losing Myself
Slow Burn
All You Are Is History
Everybody But You
Dead and Gone

Review – Dan Earl

Photograph – Courtesy of PR

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