Stars @ Birmingham Barfly – 28/01/08


Much has been made about the thriving Montreal music scene of late but in truth only The Arcade Fire have made any real major impact on an international level. Fellow Quebecors, Stars have slowly but surely been building a following in the UK since their second album “Set Yourself On Fire” and accompanying single “Ageless Beauty”. Their sublime and sometimes dark take on indie pop has encouraged a good crowd to make their way down to the Barfly on a cold Monday night and they’re rewarded with a set of diverse and unique pop songs all with a somewhat twisted way of looking at the world.


It’s on songs like “Midnight Coward” and “One More Night” that Stars’ sound really comes into its own. Dark, brooding tales of lonely characters looking for love, all told through lush melodies and soaring vocals.

Finishing with “The Woods” from their debut album “Heart”, Stars prove there’s plenty more creativity and originality coming out of Canada and that they’re finally making up for Bryan Adams, Shania Twain and Celine Dion.

Words & Photos – Steve Gerrard ROCK PHOTO


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