Starcrawler + The Cosmics @ o2 Academy, 21 June 2018

Opening Thursday’s show were Birmingham’s The Cosmics, a garage punk band that have been making noise across the city for a while. Acting as a great platform for the band to reach some new fans, it’s a shame that the venue took so long to fill up, presumably due to the behemoth queue that Billy Idol had caused next door.

However that was not an issue and the band performed a fantastic half an hour set that perfectly showcased both the band’s ability and potential.

After going to shows regularly there’s a point where sometimes you feel like you’ve seen everything there is to see, however that was certainly proved wrong after watching Starcrawler at the O2 Academy on Thursday evening.

After the release of their debut self titled album, the band have been gaining a reputation for an intense live show whilst gaining exposure through an appearance on Later with Jools and support slots with Foo Fighters.

Performing the majority of tracks from their debut record, songs such as ‘I Love LA’, ‘Pussy Tower’ and ‘Train’ have an increased urgency and drive behind them in the live environment with guitarist Henri Cash acting as though he’s performing on the world’s biggest stage with charisma and presence.

And then we get onto lead vocalist Arrow De Wilde, who’s truly one of the most engaging and interesting front-women I have personally ever witnessed. Before she even started performing, her imposing figure was a sight to behold but once she started waltzing across the stage you knew you were in for something special. Contorting and writhing in pain throughout the show, the performer is clearly influenced by early Ozzy and extreme performers.

Throughout the rest of the short set she pleasured herself whilst on stage, threw microphone stands into the audience and at the end got into the crowd leaving many feeling intimidated and covered in fake blood.

It certainly was one of those ‘I was there when’ shows and I would highly recommend you catch the band at the earliest opportunity.

Reviewer: Dan Earl

Photographer: Stephanie Colledge 

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