While She Sleeps @ o2 Institute 6 February, 2018

Hailing from Harrogate, melodic hardcore band Blood Youth opened proceedings to a growing crowd at the O2 Institute on Tuesday, playing tracks from both of the bands EP’s as well as debut album ‘Beyond Repair’ released last year on Rude Records.

Songs such as ‘Failure’, ‘Closure’ and ‘24/7’ see the crowd getting involved early on in the evening, with the floor a hive of energy even before the evenings headliners have taken to the stage.

It was then time for British rockers Counterfeit to take to the stage, a band much less recognised by the audience if talk is to be taken as gospel. The reason for this is perhaps the bands softer sound than the rest of the bands on the bill; however it’s safe to say that many fans will be converts after the performance with the band packing riffs and shouty vocals in their truck load. Personally the band rekindled memories past of Billy Talent, both for their energy and song writing style. But I must insist that’s no bad thing.

For While She Sleeps this tour acts not as promotion at the start of a record campaign, but perhaps a victory lap for the success of their latest record ‘You Are We’ released independently following a Pledge Music campaign early last year.

This tour also comes off the back of a high profile support slot to Architects at the 10,000 capacity Alexandra Palace, of which some members of the crowd were clearly present. And it certainly feels like a celebration with both the band and fans an eruption of energy and passion than amasses in an hour long show that truly cements the band’s place within the alternative scene and their ever growing reputation as a formidable live act.

Tracks such as ‘Silence Speaks’ and ‘Empire of Silence’ fit perfectly with older cuts such as ‘Crows’ and ‘This Is The Six’, with the audience seemingly as passionate about the whole back catalogue of material. Vocally Loz Taylor is in arguably the best form he has ever been in, with the rest of the band seemingly enjoying what they’re doing to the fullest.

It seems like it’s a good time to be While She Sleeps, but more importantly it’s definitely a good time to be a fan.

Reviewer: Dan Earl

Photographer: Neale Hayes

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