Silverstein @ HMV Institute, 18th March 2011

As the majority of the UK park themselves in front of the telly box for an evening of entertainment in the form of Red Nose Day there are some who have managed to escape the clutches of the sofa and have made their way to the HMV Institute to witness 3 great live bands, While She Sleeps, There For Tomorrow and Silverstein.

It’s a varied bill and it all kicks off with some blistering hardcore from the Sheffield mob While She Sleeps. For the opening band they’ve succeeded in pulling in a decent sized crowd and it’s clear from the get go why, the energy on stage is immense, it’s loud, brash and in your face and the eager crowd lap it up. The North Stands For Nothing the title track off their debut sounds amazing and set closer Crows gets the crowd moving one last time.

We move away from the heavier side of things and over to more polished pop sound when There For Tomorrow take the stage. They seem a slightly odd choice for support, the fact they are on the same label as Silverstein probably has something to do with it. As far the set goes they put on a good show and there’s a few kids down the front who know the words but vast majority of the crowd seem to have no idea who they are. They tried there best though and even with their slightly odd wardrobe choices, apparently waistcoats are back, they failed to get me excited.

Not that long ago Silverstein would have been selling out venues this size but as with a lot of bands that came out of the same scene they are now operating somewhat under the radar, one of those bands who when you say your going to see them you get response like ‘they’re still going?’ or ‘I used to love them’. There’s still a decent showing tonight though and it’s been a couple of years since they last graced these shores so its going to be interesting to see the response they get.

Kicking things off with A Great Fire, the opening song for their last album and it lends its self perfectly to a set opener as the piano leads into to some intense drumming. Shane Todd’s vocals at the start are a bit weak especially the screams which can barely be heard lacking the power they have on record. That said they get better as the set progresses. Silverstein have just released a new EP prior to the full-length which is coming out in April and Sacrifice one of the new songs gets an airing tonight and it sounds great. But as always it’s the old tunes that go down the best and this couldn’t be truer with a searing rendition of Smashed into Pieces and Ides of March which slows things down a bit but still has the crowd singing along.
The next two songs are ‘for anyone aged over 28!’ which, from a show of hands is about 3 people as they tear into Kid Dynamite and American Nightmare covers. Its back to Discovering The Waterfront for one of their biggest hits Smile In Your Sleep, the guitar tapping and Shane’s frenetic vocals make this one of the highlights of the set and is they leave the stage the chants for more start up.

For the encore Shane comes back alone wielding an acoustic guitar and goes straight into Replace You and then My Heroine which is something a bit special as the crowds voices drown him out with the rest of the band joining in for the end of the song. Bleeds No More closes the show and the band take the time to thank the crowd staying on stage to shake hands and dish out some high fives. It was a triumphant performance proving once again that Canada doesn’t half produce some amazing bands we just have to overlook a few less than amazing acts that also call Canada home *cough* Bieber *cough*!

Set List
A Great Fire (Intro)
I Am The Arsonist
Smashed Into Pieces
Broken Stars
Ides of March
If You Could See Into My Soul
Already Dead
Pits & Poisoned Apples (cover)
Hearts (cover)
The Artist
Your Sword Versus My Dagger
Smile In Your Sleep
Replace You (acoustic)
My Heroine
Bleeds No More

Review – Hannah Sebestjanowicz

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