The Prodigy @ Civic Hall, Wolverhampton 19th December 2017

So to the final gig (for me) of 2017 and there couldn’t be a better way to sign off than seeing The Prodigy in a small venue. Its twenty years since The Fat of The Land came into our lives, an album which shook the music scene much like the Sex Pistols had done twenty years prior. The techno boys had come of age and it would’ve been very easy for them to play the album in full, as is the fashion these days, but of course this is The Prodigy, who don’t do things as standard, they can’t be second-guessed.

The Civic is going through a never ending refurbishment and I believe the latest development was that the roof need replacing, so it seems apt that the Prodigy are here as the roof was certainly taken off tonight, starting with the intro music including the Liquidator which whilst is no longer played across the road at Molineux as the Wolves take to the pitch, it gets sung loudly including the taunting of rivals in West Bromwich.

From their huge back catalogue it is some feat as to what songs to play. Opening with Omen it’s the full visual and aural assault (as expected). The stage is industrial with spray painted backdrop, barbed wire effect lighting rigs and rotating police style lights behind the orchestrator Liam Howlett, who for large parts of the gig is lost amongst the lights, the chaos.

Front of stage is Maxim, entering in a fur hoody, white tribal make-up over his eyes asking “where are my people Wolverhampton” and then of course there is the punk jester, Keith ‘Keef’ Flint, white vest, more heavily tattooed than when we last saw him, marching, pointing, gesturing.

The crowd are a mixture of ages, and there is even a Father Christmas in here, but in the main we are here for a good time, and we are not disappointed. The set-list will follow at the end, but the older songs get the biggest roar, whilst the Fat of the Land era gets the biggest sound, which pummels every organ in your body. Firestarter is particularly good, which sees Keith centre stage, mimicking the video for the song, bathed in red light it’s a visual feast and a reminder just how good the songs on that album are.

There is one new song aired, Need Some 1, and we are under the impression a new album is due to reach us in 2018, but from past history you can’t believe a new Prodigy album is coming until it’s in your hands and ears, just think of the Castbreeder songs, which to this day is still not confirmed if this was a fake or not.

They have been playing Diesel Power (a particular favourite of mine) on previous dates but sadly not for us tonight, but we do get set closer Take Me to The Hospital, which seems to take the bass to a whole new level and makes your body rattle.

This really was a superb set, full of songs but in doing so they had edited each song and I’m not sure this is a good thing. Should they play less songs but in full, or more songs edited?? It’s a hard call but 3000 people were left happy and it was good to see the local Police in the venue also dancing.

An incredible end to the year, a gig with sweat dripping from the ceiling, as loud as ever, blinding lights, just what we want.





Wild Frontier

Everybody in the Place


The Day is My Enemy (plus drum and bass version)


Voodoo People

Get Your Fight On

Need Some 1


Run with the Wolves

Invaders Must Die


Smack My Bitch Up

No Good (Start the Dance)

Their Law

Take Me to the Hospital


Review: Glenn Raybone

Photographer: Neale Hayes

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