Nothing More @ o2 Institute 8 December, 2017

In a mad rush with really bad traffic outside, on a cold winter night I enter a warm, steamy, crowded o2 Institute, this room is almost at bursting point to see Nothing More.

Nothing More are touring in support of their 5th studio album, “The Stories We Tell Ourselves” which has some killer tracks already, which need little growing. I heard of these guys from someone who is now a friend from the states.  He introduced me to the band and said I should check them out, well here we are.

There is however an elephant in the room, the centre piece of the stage which barely fits on this stage is over hanging at the front, but its impressive and self-made.

The lights dim,  and the Intro/ Christ Copyright starts with a thumping drum beat, the members taking their spots. Jonny Hawkins (Lead Vocals) races out and begins to wildly and infectiously thump the centre piece drum contraption as we all rock and sing in awe.

Not only does Hawkins draw an immense amount of attention by his abilities, it is also swiftly noticed he is wearing nothing but the jeans on his legs, so he is shirtless, shoeless and sockless;  and it is like this he jumps to and from the crowd barrier and up on the drums throughout.

Daniel Oliver is the rockstar on the bass, delivering solid sounds and not shy of interaction with the crowd. He rocks forwards with the crowd and entices reactions with facial emotions.  There is a  gripping bass solo as he taps, slides, rocks and you can see and feel the energy he us delivering those poor strings, but it’s good to our ears. They proceed to use drum sticks on the bass while Oliver is sharing the string presses with fellow band mates, definitely something to see.

My favourite is actually their latest album track Go To War, with an intense war sounding energetic explosion of sounds almost like a battle cry, mixed with that sadness that goes with war.   I feel this from Hawkins softer vocals throughout but it’s a song of mixed emotions, throughout the song. Forgetting all this you just get lost in the moment and sing along with the rest of the fans as we all chant WAR WAR WAR!!  If they keep producing hits like this there is no doubt they will be playing bigger stages in no time and that would be a sight for sure.

The crowd were pumped and engaged,  there was no sight of slowing down until we reach “Just Say When” which is a pleasure to hear.  This song shows the band has harmonies and acoustic too, obviously not to everyone’s  tastes but the acoustic is real and raw.  Importantly it shows off the vocals far more. This song was well received and gained huge applause.

I’ll Be Ok / Heartache and Jenny are delivered well too. These are quite different in sound to the others but again this shows they can deliver a variety to appeal to a wider crowd, with vocal prowess shown off fully again.   As an extra we also witness a shot toast, (well they said it was a shot but was more like half a pint of spirit) for Mark Vollelunga’s Birthday celebrations (today).

When we reach the last song, we are told they are sorry they were gone for such a long time, but are assured they will be back in the summer. The crowd roars and they end on Salem.  “If you haven’t seen us before, we don’t do encores because they’re fake and they’re fake, so instead of that whole charade were going to play the last song 110% is Salem as the crowd sing “Burn The Witch”

To sum up in few words, the show was as exciting, energetic and fast paced as I had been promised.  Nothing More played to a packed out hot steamy room in contrast to outside which was cold and snow covered.

The band delivered a variety of rocking tunes complete with great personality – nothing better than a band who meets their fans afterwards.  I’ll be back at the front when you return in the summer.

Set List

Intro / Christ Copyright

Let’Em Burn


Don’t Stop

Bass Solo

Ripping Me Apart

Go To War

Just Say When

Do You Really Want It

I’ll Be Ok / Heartache


Ocean Floor / Ballast



Reviewer/Photographer: Chris Bowley

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