Northlane + ERRA @ O2 Academy, 28 November, 2017

Northlane + ERRA @ O2 Academy, 28 November, 2017Northlane + ERRA @ O2 Academy, 28 November, 2017Northlane + ERRA @ O2 Academy, 28 November, 2017Northlane + ERRA @ O2 Academy, 28 November, 2017Northlane + ERRA @ O2 Academy, 28 November, 2017Northlane + ERRA @ O2 Academy, 28 November, 2017Northlane + ERRA @ O2 Academy, 28 November, 2017Northlane + ERRA @ O2 Academy, 28 November, 2017Northlane + ERRA @ O2 Academy, 28 November, 2017

Starting off tonight were Australian homeboys Ocean Grove. Having supported the likes of Architects and Amity Affliction, these boys have garnered quite a reputation already, and it’s easy to see why. Hitting us with their unique blend of metal, synth, hip hop and industrial sounds, only falling short by the amount of backing track used – but you can’t have everything. Although the band were met with a couple of rows of pure fans screaming the lyrics back to them, they lived up to their reputation and it was clear that everyone would be listening to them once they got home.

Next is the turn of Invent Animate. Although the room was still lacking energy, it was clear that still not many people really knew this band – there was a noticeable respect for them, with songs consisting of overwhelming angry vocals from the clean to the impressive screams, huge breakdowns and ground-shaking bass riffs. Despite being a little lifeless in stage presence, their music more than makes up for it.

It was when final support of the night, ERRA, entered the stage that the crowd show signs of movement, it seemed like they knew something I didn’t. From the moment the crowd heard the opening guitar riff of Luminesce, it was all about to kick-off. The love for this band is real, and now the room is brimming with energy, the mosh pits start to open as the band continue.

It was the range of vocals that got me though, from the low growls and brutal roars of  front-man Garrison Lee, mixed with the on-point, clean vocals of guitarist Jesse Cash. Closing their set with Skyline, ERRA had made up for the previous acts lack of energy so much that you could mistake them for being the headline band.

9:20 arrived and with it the lights turned down and the room went quiet. Then the room filled with noise as the he opening riffs of ‘Colourwave’ started and the mosh pits opened up once more. Tonight for Northlane was a night to show off their new material, bringing new hits such as ‘Citizen’ and ‘Savage’.

With the arrival of vocalist Marcus Bridge, Northlane have considerably changed their sound. They are  now composed of multiple influences such as new wave, psychedelic or jazz. He is without doubt one of the most talented live vocalists in metal right now, achieving studio-perfect tone consistently through new and old material.

Though we were allowed a little rest with ‘Solar’, but only a little rest before the band powered back into the night with ‘Dispossession’ before ending the night with their encore of ‘Paragon’. Although Northlane had just blasted us with an hour long set, it was clear the crowd could have gone on for longer, loving every song they’d played from new to their old school hits.

Northlane Setlist;
Colourwave, Worldeater, Rot, Heartmachine, Dream Awake, Render, Citizen, Savage, Quantum Flux, Obelisk, Solar, Dispossession, Intuition



Reviewer: Jordan Wynn

Photographer: Adriana Vasile

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