My Chemical Romance @ LG Arena, 13th February 2011


Donning the face paints, My Chemical Romance have always acted like an arena band, and so tonight would be interesting to see them on the huge LG Arena stage for the latest date of their World Contamination Tour.

First on stage are The Blackout. This is the third time seeing the band, but my first in such a big venue. Sounding on top form and making the stage their own, they confidently waltz through songs such as Children Of The Night and Save Ourselves. Twin vocalists Sean Smith and Gavin Butler complement each other well, combining screams with memorable vocals as is welcomed in the post-hardcore scene.


Maybe not just yet, but this band is definitely destined to headline large stages sometime soon, with nothing holding them back musically or in terms of character. Highlighting new songs from upcoming album, Hope, which fans themselves have helped finance, offers more of the same great tunes but with a more mature and rounded feel.


My Chemical Romance are known for coming from emo roots but have since moved towards more cheery and rocky sound on new Danger Days album.

Showing off a more toned-down stage show, the main attraction tonight are the individuals on stage, with Gerard Way bouncing around like a kid who’s had a little too much sugar. The band are a tight unit musically and at times the crowd’s vocals almost drown out the band.


The set list remains very varied, including new songs such as Na Na Na and SING, but older tracks like Helena and The Ghost of You are also being performed in all their glory.

In my opinion, after tonight’s performance, My Chemical Romance have lost the depressive feel they became known for, and even songs such as Mama and Teenagers are shown in a new, cheerier light .


Cancer provides a chilling sing-along, with only Way and keyboardist onstage. New drummer, Michael Pedicone, does well to fill the space left by Bryar and gives the songs an energy, making them seem much more lively.

With Gerard promising festival appearances in the summer, we can only wait and hope that they pull those off as well as they’ve managed her tonight.


Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
Give ‘Em Hell, Kid
Planetary (GO!)
Hang ‘Em High
Vampire Money
Our Lady of Sorrows
The Only Hope For Me Is You
Party Poison
I’m Not Okay (I Promise)
Famous Last Words
The Ghost Of You
Welcome To The Black Parade
The Kids From Yesterday
Vampires Will Never Hurt You

Review – Dan Earl
Photos – Michelle Ballard

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