The Murder Capital @Castle and Falcon, 12th October 2019

One of the albums of the year has been, in my opinion, ‘When I have fears’, by The Murder Capital. A new, young band from Dublin, Ireland, they have fresh, honest songs, and live they are an exciting force.

Shoehorned onto the tiny stage, the five-piece band were electric. Lead vocalist James McGovern, taking to the stage last, suited, stood by the side door watching his band members start to play, he takes a last drag on a cigarette, before taking the stage. 

He is in complete control of the set, and the audience, giving stares to those not watching, but it’s fair to say all eyes are on him. He reminds me of Ian Curtis, his hand is taped up and I can’t help but wonder what he’s done, punched a wall backstage? Or punched someone? He seems a decent chap but I’d not want to be on his wrong side. The rest of the band are as one, Diarmuid Brennan on drums, an absolute powerhouse, keeping the groove going with Gabriel Paschal Blake on bass, and the two guitarists Damien Tuit and Cathal Roper duelling. It’s a shame the stage is so small as they all appear to be shackled and want to burst free, and indeed during set closer ‘Feeing Fades’, McGovern does leave the stage and dives onto the crowd and is carried aloft. 

They have drawn comparisons to other bands (New Model Army, Fontaines DC, IDLES) which is a compliment, but for me they are so much different. It is incredible for a young band to create such a stunning album, and live they take their songs to another level. In a recent interview McGovern, of his stage presence said “It’s just another expression for me, a side to my personality that I’m allowed to express in that way when I’m up there. Society gives me those 45 minutes a day and I fucking take them”. 

Personally, it was a pleasure to see them in touching distance, they will not play such tiny venues after this tour and I predict they will fly onto bigger and bigger venues, deservedly so.

The album (and live set) is at times fierce and raging, and then tender and delicate.

The Murder Capital are one to watch.


Slowdance I 

Slowdance II 

On Twisted Ground 

Love, Love, Love 

For Everything 

Green & Blue 

Don’t Cling to Life 

More Is Less 

Feeling Fades 


Reviewer: Glenn Raybone

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