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MUNA @ O2 Institute 3,4th December 2019

Having found and fallen in love with the band through social media, I have never met anyone in my life who has ever mentioned MUNA to me. 

And with Wednesday’s evening’s show being downgraded from the second room of the O2 Institute in Birmingham to the smallest third room, my fear of being the only fan was becoming more of a reality. 

 But once I entered the relentlessly air conditioned room it was clear that in fact other people do like the band and it would become obvious throughout the course of the show that others are just as passionate about them as myself.

Hailing from Los Angeles, the electronic pop band have released two albums thus far, as well as high profile support slots with Harry Styles and The 1975. 

In the live environment the group are supported by further live musicians, with them all struggling to fit the energetic performance onto such a small stage. In terms of production there wasn’t a smidge but in terms of raw performance the crowd couldn’t have asked for more. 

Performing tracks from both records, the band have a fantastic ability to flit effortlessly between upbeat pop moments such as ‘I Know A Place’ and ‘Number One Fan’ to slower and much more emotional cuts such as ‘Winterbreak’ and ‘Navy Blue’. 

The key to the band’s performance and success though is believability. You never once doubt the words being spoken or sung, and that’s what gives fans a true investment in what’s being created.  

 As I left the venue I thought that maybe my experience reflects exactly the message and environment that the band are trying to create. That being, I only listened to the band in solitude without having a peer to enjoy them with. But in entering into the band’s world within the live environment I found that actually I’m not alone. I found a place. 


Reviewer:  Dan Earl



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