MoStack @ o2 Academy 31st October 2019

MoStack was in Birmingham tonight at the o2 academy delivering his debut Stacko tour, replacing woman with teddy bears in one of his songs so you didn’t know what to expect.

Tonight showcased an interpersonal rapper with a new style of rap that talks to you rather than at you. He does what he wanna as the 25 year old bounced in with countless hits to his name showing off his candidly open appeal whilst hiding menacing lyrics with catchy hooks and boozy guitar riffs.

There was only one way for Mostack to enter the building and that was rapping to the ground floor surrounded by baying supporters on the balcony to the right hand side of the stage. Hood up, lightning flickering it was like a WWE wrestling match as Montell Daley rapped his first verse with clarity and precision. Promoting the debut album “Stacko.” The North Londoner didn’t need much help with strobe lights accompanying every line of each song to create a florescent blur of adolescent misdemeanours Skepta would be proud of.

2019 may be the year of difficult to hear not very loud rap I.e Lil Pump but tonight the sound quality and North London accent was brilliant in songs like “Stinkin Rich” with features from J Hus and Dave, the afrobeat swing was rounded off and balanced with a very fly trumpet riff, covering up lyrics about having blood on your arms and your legs as they cost you “an arm and a leg” and blinding people “if I flicked this wrist.” “Yes, Yes The Top Says Kenzo” had a Mike Skinner feel to it due to the kettle drum setting off the strobe lighting. Matrix 4 Street Fighter Style eat your heart out and it was a bit more catchy than “Wo, Wo, Wo.”

“No Words” produced a huge reaction from the crowd who were in the mood for some Santan Dave. Was Mostack going to invite an Alex to the stage? Nope he brought up two of them and just as lively as Alex they did Birmingham proud as they rapped their little hearts out. It seems that this new style of come on stage and have a go if you’re loud enough is rubbing off on kids in the UK.   This makes a change to monotonous contrived routines as you couldn’t imagine Elton John stepping aside so someone could play at his piano.

“My girl jump on my banana” doesn’t give credit to “Shannon” as the wavy afrobeat instrumental paved the way for a more comical song that was actually more playful and nice. The catchy melodies, rhythms and wordplay created a new genre that set Mostack apart from other artists. It seems like rappers are reaching out to people via youtube and when you’re appealing to a certain kind of person you need some element of innovative and creative spark to get recognised and become a name in your own right.

Mostack’s long named “Make Me Fall In Love And You Can Keep Me Forever” was original and proved that he could create an album that gets people “vibin and poppin.” 

Reviewer: John Kirby

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