Fast rising indie pop rock quartet Marsicans are no strangers to our Birmingham Live readers. We stumbled on the band when they opened for local legends JAWS in 2017, and have been fans ever since. Intermixing catchy electro pop melodies with whimsically infused lyrics Marsicans create feel good tunes which propel you to bop along. In a true evolution of sound Marsican’s new single ‘Your Eyes’ is a smash, the perfect addition to their setlist for the 2019 Tour.

Marsicans are magicians when it comes to the layering of sonic elements, adding pop punk moments with atmospheric indie tones the band has mastered the creation of dynamic and sonically deep songs. ‘Your Eyes’ takes this to another level. The lad’s mastery of creating vibrant sonic movement is on clear display, maintaining the punchy drums and whizzing guitar that tend to permeate their tracks Marsicans adds a playful electronically stimulated key layer that adds depth and spunk to ‘Your Eyes.’ Along with this Marsicans has seemed to find the hidden secret of muting sonic moments, the breathy silence giving the song an undulating wave feel that really peaks the emotional and sonic impact of the tune. Sonically ‘Your Eyes’ is brilliant, a clear evolution of Marsicans ‘Your Eyes’ creates an emotional wave that is both parts punk and indie, a reflective bouncy song that is sure to wow fans. 

Lyrically Marsicans once again drapes universally understood themes in poetic emotionally pulling prose. Exploring the realities and balance of living up to other peoples expectations and ones own desires ‘Your Eyes’ highlights that ageless struggle, certainly a theme that will resonate with their teenage fans. 

‘Your Eyes’ is the perfect record displaying the evolution of Marsicans. While the song maintains the same catchy, uptempo pop rock elements of previous songs the sonic mastery and playfully stimulating lyrical content show the real maturity of the band. In simple, ‘Your Eyes’ is a smashing single that will happily stick in your brain. Marsicans are taking their new single out into the touring world, playing at Mama Roux on 3 April.

It will be a show that is not to be missed!  

Reviewer: Kylie McCormick


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