Marsicans @ Sunflower Lounge, 1 March 2018

A warm glow streams through the half opened door of The Sunflower Lounge. Like moths to a flame we scurry out of the snow into the warm basement room. On tonight’s lineup is current standout Marsicans. We first met Marsicans a few months ago when they opened for Birmingham’s JAWS. The bands rambunctious youthful energy juxtaposed by their mature confidence created an interesting milieu of embracing vigour, needless to say we were hooked. Headlining this go around, Marsicans brought a bombastic display of light and sound to The Sunflower Lounge, bringing high-octane liveliness to the frozen tundra.

Playful pop rock ‘Friends’ opened the night. In a flurry of rainbow lights the high-energy tune is a perfected mixture of indie pop and nuanced rock, a mixing of genres that typifies Mariscans’ sound. As the band gleefully bounced around the small stage fans reacted in cinematic fashion, colliding and swaying in a modified pit to the drumbeat. Beach pop rock ‘Far Away’ came through next. Like an amalgamation of the Beach Boys and Kiss, this beachy rock song with its tempo shifting crashing sound continued the high fervor energy punch.

After a brand new song, crowd favourite ‘Arms of Another’ and ‘Swimming’ found an explosion of sound and energy, immediately bringing fans into frenzy. ‘Gone In a Second’ followed another new tune. With hands raised the fans swayed in the part electronic part acoustic tune. In perfect harmony the lads’ voices wafted over the crowd, a strange elixir hypnotizing the rowdy bunch.  The sort of tempered calmness continued as current single ‘Wake Up Freya’ broke forth. A sentimental, sophisticated somberness anchors the song before it ramps back up into a chaotic rock concoction, a melding of genres that Marsicans have come to perfect. A trio of songs including ‘Too Good,’ standout ‘Throw Ourselves,’ and ‘Absence’ rounded out the night.

Marisicans are stars on the rise. The bands ability to seamlessly meld genres and sounds displays a sophistication in their talent, their poppy attitudes and genuine exuberance display their youth. Their shows, like their songs, are catchy glimpses of euphoria that leave a smile on your face and a lightness in your step.

While their first headlining slot was too short for our longing, we left anticipating more. At the Sunflower Lounge Marsicans delivered a standout performance, making all of us forget the bitter truth of the outside snow.


Reviewer: Kylie McCormick

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