Marsicans @ Mama Roux’s, 4 April 2019

In 2017 we caught indie pop rock band Marsicans open for JAWS, and have formed a small obsession ever since. The electric band has this unparalleled energy on stage; paired with their euphorically gleeful sound Marsicans is a force in the indie pop rock scene. Slowly amassing a fan base on their rise to fame, Marsicans is continuing to perfect their sound and their stage presence. At Mama Roux’s Marsicans played to an electrified crowd, with hints of new music and an evolution of sound the lads delivered a poignant and powerful set that perfectly displayed their musical prowess.

As lights flashed around the room and a hazy fog filled the stage a reverb of sound bounced around the Mama Roux’s walls. Four silhouettes walked onto the stage launching into bouncy bubbly pop rock ‘Your Eyes.’ While still covered in the haze Marsicans started the show with this sort of boundless youthful energy, ‘Your Eye’s electrified the crowd who danced around mirroring the stage. An explosion of energy, Marsicans opened the night with a banger.

When the haze disappeared the trio of guitars backed by the quick paced drums sailed through. ‘Far Away (Saudade)’ streamed through washing the crowd in waves of energy as the song shifted tempos after the bridge. Continuing that sort of unbridled energy that typifies Marsicans sound, the song shows Marsicans mastery of mixing sonic elements, a sort of sonic maturity that is rare in the indie pop rock genre. With strong rock influence ‘Suburbs’ threw the fans into a tizzy, the sliding guitar and breathy openness of the song filled by the chorus of fans.

Under blue and red lights ‘Arms of Another’ continued the flurry of energy. Anchored by guitar riffs the song was a clear fan favourite. Massive hit ‘Swimming’ found fans rushing onto the stage, celebrating as the distorted synth sound flooded the room with glee. An unreleased song, ‘Little Things,’ was a gem of delight. Showing the sonic evolution of Marsicans, the song has both punchy rock elements and poignant lyrical content. Retaining the energy that is typical of Marsicans ‘Little Things’ was refined and polished, a layering of sound that was intoxicatingly rich displaying the evolution of sound that promises good things for the future.

A lull in energy came as the wistful ‘Wake Up Freya’ washed over the room. The sentimental ballad is a shot of peace in the rowdy set, the atmospheric interludes wrapped around reflective lyrics brings a nice breathe to the set. The chill does not last for long, a flash of rainbow lights brings fan favourite ‘Too Good.’ With an intoxicating euphoria fans bounce along to the hit. The energy continues as ‘Friends’ and ‘Pop-Ups (Sunny at the Weekend) follow. Marsicans ends the set with ‘Absence,’ heading to the back to hang with fans after the song ends.

There is an unarguable joy and euphoria that comes along with a Marsicans show. The lads have perfectly balanced youthful optimism with reflective rock, creating a world that is boundless in energy yet mature in purpose. At Mama Roux’s Marsicans once again delivered a standout performance, another chance to catch them in their glory as they slowly reach new levels of musical perfection.


Reviewer: Kylie McCormick

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