Marilyn Manson @ Civic Hall, Wolverhampton 6 December, 2017

Having not been to see Marilyn Manson for over a decade, I was quite excited and anticipated a great theatrical show to be performed tonight. Having broken his leg a little while ago from a falling prop I wondered if that would impact on his show.

When we arrived, I was surprised to see the high amount of security in place including road barriers and police presence, obviously a recent addition due to previous terrorist attacks. This didn’t seem to worry anyone though and there was a high buzz in the air from the arriving crowd. It was nice to see such a varied crowd, of both age, gender and dress style. There were people as young as their early teens and others easily of pensionable  age. This must be a clear indication of just how good Marilyn Manson is, to be able to reach such diversity.

It was a very relaxed start to the evening with many people choosing to mill around the bar areas as the ‘support’ – I put that mildly… was a female DJ going by the name of ‘Amazonica’ but in all honesty, her ‘set’ could have been performed by a jukebox and was indistinguishable from just a normal playlist that you might hear whilst waiting betweenbands.

By 9pm the crowd were more than ready for him to appear on stage and although the lights had gone down, we still had to wait until just gone 20 past for him to finally and epically appear on stage on a throne, how else?

Having a broken leg certainly didn’t seem to impact on his performance, choosing to change outfits and backdrops between songs. He varied his stance from holding onto the mic, being held up by a surgeon and a creepy man in a hat and sitting on his throne, periodically spinning.

He interacted with the crowd well and played a mixture of songs from as far back as the 90s, right up to his newer songs. This proved to give a mixed reaction as quite a lot of people seemed to be there purely for his older stuff and escaped to the toilet or bar during the new songs. One of the most popular songs was ‘The Dope Show’ which included the line ‘I don’t like the drugs but the drugs like me’.

All too soon though, literally within an hour, he was saying goodnight and after a brief pause he continued with an encore.   This started with one of my all-time favourites ‘The Beautiful People.’

He did two more songs and that was it. The night felt somewhat anti climatic and short, not sure if this was just because of his leg or whether this was his usual show time. Overall his theatrical performance was still as amazing as I remembered but I felt the gig wasn’t long enough and I hope he will do longer shows once he is better.

Set List

1.Revelation #12
2.This Is the New Shit
3.Disposable Teens
6.Deep Six
7.Third Day of a Seven Day Binge
8.The Dope Show (with “I Don’t Like the Drugs)
9.Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (Eurythmics cover)
10.Great Big White World
11.We Know Where You Fucking Live
13.The Beautiful People
14.Irresponsible Hate Anthem
15.God’s Gonna Cut You Down
(Johnny Cash song)


Reviewer: Shaz Rafferty

Photographer: Andy Watson

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