Marianas Trench @ o2 Academy, 3rd October 2016

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A rather large queue had already formed outside the Birmingham Academy by the time I arrived to see Canadian band ‘Marianas Trench’. There was a diverse mix of people, old and young waiting for the show which showed the band appeals to a variety of people. The 4 piece band are on their first European tour since they formed in 2002 promoting their new album ‘Astoria’ which is inspired by the 1980’s film ‘The Goonies.’ Birmingham had the added pleasure of welcoming them on the date that marked 10 years since the release of their debut album ‘Fix Me’.

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With no support band, Marianas Trench were straight on but they had no issues with getting the crowd going. Taking to a stage flooded with light and each donning a transparent guitar filled with LEDs they certainly let us know that they had arrived. Lead singer Josh wore a sleeveless hoody covering his face to add an air of mystery during the first bit of the first song before pulling the hood down and getting a reaction of screaming fans. By the end of the first song he had completely lost the hoody and remained topless for the rest of the show, added to the very skinny low trousers, it left little to the imagination! It was clear to see that a lot of the fans had been waiting for years for the opportunity to see this band and the vibes of anticipation that were echoing around the room soon turned to excitement as they sang along with the opening song ‘Astoria’.


From the moment the band got going the fans were totally captivated and at no point did the atmosphere ebb; even when front man Josh Ramsey was talking, his banter with the crowd was met with a lot of laughs and each song was met with cheers, dancing and singing. The band played a great eclectic mix of old and new songs including hits from the TV shows ‘Teen Wolf’ with ‘Haven’t Had Enough’ and ‘Stutter’ and ‘Vampire Diaries’ with ‘Cross My Heart’. Sadly we were not treated to the show ‘Kyle XY’s frequent songs ‘Alibi’ or ‘Say Anything’. Singer Josh is most famous for co-producing the worldwide hit ‘Call Me Maybe’ with Carly Rae Jepson which is something completely different to the sound of ‘Marianas Trench.’


At one point Josh decided to get off the stage and onto the barriers to hug some of the crowd which included a ‘reach around’ as he put it when he got back on stage. He was also thrown a dog toy for his dog ‘Bennie’ which was sweet of the person to think of.


During the show I cannot fault what I saw and heard. Josh Ramsey has an phenomenal singing voice which was truly shown when he performed a solo song ‘Good To You’ for part of the band’s encore. The harmonies from all of the band were ‘on point’ throughout the night and helped to make the gig a really good night, there was genuinely not a bad moment and the excitement generated by the loyal fans, that had been waiting up to 10 years to see Marianas Trench only added to a truly feel good evening.





Celebrity Status

Burning Up

All To Myself

One love

This Means War

Desperate Measures



POP 101

Who Do You Love

Cross My Heart


Josh Solo — Good To You although on their setlist it says ‘Dearly Departed’ this wasn’t performed.

Haven’t Had Enough

End Of An Era


NB. After this gig singer Josh Ramsey was diagnosed with laryngitis, leading to the remainder of the tour being cancelled. We were lucky to see them this time around!


Review: Gemma Bywater

Photographs: Shaz Rafferty

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