The Magic Gang @ o2 Institute 22nd September, 2018

Their arises for each generation an indie rock band whose music embodies the ethos of its people. Think The Beatles or Oasis, U2 or Green Day, heralded musicians who expertly craft music that reflects the tenacious turmoil and excitable energy of their peers. While The Magic Gang are still in the early stages of their career, their live show at the O2 Institute convinced me that they have the qualities and the passion to become a generationally defining band. Overwhelming fans with their raw edge sound and bombastic energy The Magic Gang delivered a knock out performance at the O2 Institute that, while short, was transformative.

Birthed in 2015 The Magic Gang has been heralded as one of the best new guitar bands, wowing fans and critics with their goal of creating music for your mind, body, spirit and soul. Crowded into a packed O2 Institute, a room that smelled like sweaty teen spirit and stale beer, The Magic Gang delivered a quick hour long show that was vivacious. Bathed in yellow light the easy chords of indie rock ‘Alright’ opened the night. From the first lick it was clear fans were ready, hands raised bobbing along in appreciation. In a tumbling array of energy, anathematic ‘All This Way’ collided with melodramatic ‘Only Waiting.’ Mixing the energy The Magic Gang seem to excel with curating a roller coaster set, intertwining highs and lows.

‘Jasmine’ found everyone up on shoulders, a sea of hyped teens bobbing along to the tempered indie rock. ‘I’ll Show You,’ ‘Slippin,’ and ‘Caroline’ continued this sort of mid tempo indie rock, pink and orange lights undulating through the tunes. With screams of excitement the guys introduced transcendental 60s rock ‘Take Care.’ The clear fan favourite found everyone screaming along with glee. Drum heavy ‘Oh, Saki’ was backboned by anthematic ‘Your Love,’ the guys rounding out the main set with high energy rock records ‘How Can I Compete’ and ‘Getting Along.’ After a short wait the guys sauntered back onstage, allowing slow and sentimental ‘Life Without You’ and pure rock ‘All That I Want is You’ to round out the night.

There is an inconceivable connection between The Magic Gang and their fans.  Controlling the emotion of the night through their musical talent the band performed record after record, creating a sense of hysteria as each song climaxed in perfection. Along with being able to shape a set that is transformational, The Magic Gang also craft lyrically rich content. Void of pithy rock subsidies the lyrical content is deep, destroying blasé meaningless content with lyrics that are poignantly perfect. It is their ability to write with deep understanding, paired with their ability to sonically charge a crowd that make The Magic Gang the potential next big thing to spring from the depths of the indie rock scene.


Reviewer: Kylie McCormick

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