Logic @ 02 Academy, 23rd March 2015


Logic is a new kind of rapper for a new kind of era in Rap music. He makes conscious and thought provoking music. Originally raised in Gaithersburg, Maryland in the USA he has faced all the ills that an inner city life in America could throw at a young man and he has turned it around.


Previously dropping four well received underground mixtapes and now supporting his first studio album Under Pressure, he is in Birmingham for the second time. This time he is conducting his World Tour and we are seeing a more mature musician with a honed voice that is a lot more assured of what he wants to say.


Love, Peace and Positivity is his motto and this is the message that he wants to push towards his fans. Too often we are bombarded with messages from rappers glorifying a life that they have never lived; Logic is the opposite. He is a man who has come out the other side of a rough environment and is choosing to tell stories about it. The audience speaks for itself, very removed from some of the strong images that his vivid lyrics paint.


I guess that is the power of music; the crowd is vibing their night away to someone else’s consolidated pains. Take nothing away from the performances on the night, Logic is a great performer with lots of energy and a great deal of wisdom to offer to his fans.

We were packed into one of the smaller rooms at the O2 Academy, that within no time was filled with Logic’s legions of fans, some of whom had even travelled from London to see his set.


He is heavily influenced by Frank Sinatra, hence crew RATT Pack and Real All The Time. Logic represent a new ilk of rappers that fans will be demanding a lot more of, and it can be understood why this will be happening, as he is cultured, authentic and has a strong social voice.



Photographer – John Dent

Reviewer – Chadwick Jackson

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