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Continuing our campaign to get recognition for local bands we feature  indie-rock four-piece The Polaris. The Coventry-based outfit have just released their début EP; A Beginnings End. Formed in 2011 the current line-up features band members, Stew, Gaz, Ewan, and Dan who are  cite  the likes of Fickerstick, Stereophonics, The Enemy and Foo Fighters amongst their influences.

What’s the story of the band? How did you form and what do you count as your biggest achievements so far?

Stew and Dan met at an athletics track where stew is an athlete and coach, they started writing together and then Gary joined as a school friend of dans, and the finally Ewan joined who is the son of one of Dan and Gary’s teachers. Our biggest achievement is probably the self release of our début EP on 3rd February as it marks a milestone of the band where we feel we can now create the music we love to listen to and perform.

What has been the best thing that has happened to the band since you formed?

I won’t name the band but we played a gig last year supporting a bigger signed band on a uk tour in Birmingham , and we had a bigger more vocal crowd turn up, that made us feel special and that the people around us and who like us really are supportive we are like an ever growing family

When and where did you play your first show?

Stew and Dan first ever show was an impromptu acoustic session at a venue in Coventry called the cottage, Dan randomly got up and played on the piano and stew simply ad-libbed to it and no one knew but it went down really well.  They tend to do ad-libbed stuff a lot. As a band it was in the kasbah in Coventry where stew actually jumped over the barrier into the crowd.

What’s the biggest show you’ve played so far?

We played at a venue called roadhouse last yeah that we headlined and there was over 200 people there

What is your favourite venue in Birmingham to play?

We like a lot of the venues in Birmingham and if we’re not playing we still go around places and support other bands too, but there is a nice atmosphere at places like the Hare and Hounds and the Actress and Bishop.

What does the immediate future hold for the band?

Well we have our début EP released and a available and we are currently discussing a few local festivals and other gigs for the year, following our gig at the Actress and Bishop, earlier this month.

Apart from yourselves, what other unsigned West Midlands band(s) should we keep an eye out for?

Good question and hard to name only one, but Captain Horizon have some really good tunes and do play something of a similar nature to ourselves.

If you could have any band/artist cover one of your songs, who would you want to do it and what song would suit them best?

Would have to say Kaiser Chiefs and play our song Escape, and just have them really over perform it and do what they do best.
Polaris links:
Website: www.thepolaris.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thepolarisuk
YouTube: www.youtube.com/thepolarisuk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/thepolarisuk
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/thepolarisuk
Instagram: www.instagram.com/the-polaris-uk
Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/thepolarisuk


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