Little Comets + Riscas + Harico @ Mama Roux’s, 31 October 2019

Good music, in a packed venue with an excited crowd – these factors can only mean one thing: a night to remember. Little Comets visited Birmingham to celebrate 10 years since the release of their debut album, ‘In Search of Elusive Little Comets’ and Mama Roux’s became the perfect place to spend your Halloween evening.

Even though the venue was changed from the O2 Academy, the turnout was amazing with Mama Roux’s filled with many enthusiastic people. The curious walls, with colourful houses facades and New Orleans vibes, actually seemed more appropriate for the band, reminding me of their first shows in strange locations.

The audience was mostly formed of young adults, some dressed up with costumes and ready to go to Halloween parties afterwards. The support bands were local so many of their friends and acquaintances came to show their encouragement and appreciation. 

The headliners Little Comets were welcomed with a round of cheers as they kicked off with ‘Worry’ and ‘Jennifer’, after which frontman Robert Coles had to complain about the bright lights being “too much” for the cozy venue. The set continued with songs both from the past and from the present. 

The crowd was dancing and singing along on songs like ‘Lost Time’, ‘M62’ and ‘Common Things.  Part of the set contained the relentless ‘The Man Who Wrote Thriller’, bubbly ‘Dancing Song’ and catchy ‘Joanna’. Having the current month in the name, ‘One Night in October’ couldn’t be missed!

It was obvious that their fan base is strong as everyone seemed to know most of the lyrics and made sure to shout them as loud as they could.  As expected, from the first note of ‘Bridge Burn’ the crowd couldn’t have been more ecstatic. Even though all their songs were energetic and catchy, there was something special about their most popular track. 

Their music reminded me of The 1975 and Vampire Weekend, and their passion for music was undoubted, making me imagine them playing an arena-size gig. 

All that jumping came to an end with their latest release, ‘3 Minute Faltz’, a straightforward song with a fast rhythm that wants to bring awareness to the current problems in the world.  The cheerful instrumental, brilliant lyrics and electro synths give some fresh air over the common indie scene.

Harico opened the night with their guitar-driven indie rock. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen them live as they are a local student band who shouldn’t be missed.  I’m not surprised seeing them getting more attention and announcing more exciting gigs and tunes as their strong fan base is just getting bigger, especially around the university students.  The four-piece announced the release of a new EP the following month. 

Even though they formed only two years ago, they proved to have very strong and confident onstage personas. Songs like ‘Curl’, ‘Dressed Up to the Nines’ and ‘Doves’ made the big crowd jump up and down on their mix of synth-lead psychedelic tones, thoughtful lyrics and energetic riffs.

Birmingham is home to many young talents and another proof of this was the next band on stage, Riscas. Their indie pop brought some very needed Summer vibes on another cold Autumn day and crowd favourites like ‘Talk Your Mind’ and ‘Right Kinda Day’ caused everyone to get all sweaty and out of breath. 

The highlight of their set was, of course, the anthem ‘Panic Like Tom’, their debut single which became an instant hit. The cocktail of funky energy, radiant tone and jittery rhythm gives a lot of excitement for the future of the local indie scene, and particularly this groovy band.

Review and Photographs: Andra Tudoran

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