Lit + Army of Freshmen + Hey Vanity @ The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 16th November 2014

Lit + Army of Freshmen + Hey Vanity @ The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 16th November 2014Lit + Army of Freshmen + Hey Vanity @ The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 16th November 2014Lit + Army of Freshmen + Hey Vanity @ The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 16th November 2014Lit + Army of Freshmen + Hey Vanity @ The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 16th November 2014Lit + Army of Freshmen + Hey Vanity @ The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 16th November 2014Lit + Army of Freshmen + Hey Vanity @ The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 16th November 2014


With Rescue Rooms being such an intimate venue with a capacity of only 450, it was never going to be the easiest place to be the opening act, particularly as it was quite evident that people were there to see Lit and were not overly interested in support acts. Hey Vanity didn’t even half a room of people to play to and with them being set up in front of Lit’s drum kit, it didn’t really leave them a whole load of space on stage to play with but it actually didn’t stop them giving it there all. They continued with their enthusiasm all the way through the set even though they weren’t necessarily getting much feedback from the limited crowd. During their set, they did what they call the ‘Dumb and Dumber Medley’ which is exactly what it says on the tin, Hey Vanity covering a medley of songs from the Dumb and Dumber film, this ended with a cover of ‘Crash’ by The Primitives which did get some people singing along. I think these guys deserve more credit than they were given, there music was good, yes, but more than that, they managed to give an energetic set to a less than enthusiastic crowd!


The room had filled slightly more in time for the second band, Army Of Freshmen, but it was still nowhere near full. Again the small crowd and lack of space didn’t stop the band from performing a vigorous set with them all being extremely lively but none more so than their front-man who was continually animated. They obviously had a few fans there that were up front, singing along and dancing but other than that, the crowd weren’t very responsive.


Regardless of the lack of crowd reaction, front-man Chris continued to speak to the people and he did get most of them to participate with clapping along to various songs. To be honest, I don’t think Army Of Freshmen got a fair hearing since there was a problem with the microphone meaning that we couldn’t always hear their singer properly, but again the whole bands enthusiasm made up for the technical failure and their set was far from disappointing and hopefully when they come back to the UK their next crowd will be more responsive which is what they deserve.


By now the room was now full of fans, the lights went down and the stage was flooded with red, and strobe lights. Accompanying the seemingly dramatic lighting was ‘O Fortuna’ from Carl Orff’s ‘Carmina Burana’ which made for a rather epic entrance that saw the band running onto the stage and plunging straight into their first song ‘Four’. The band went on playing straight into their most renowned song ‘My Own Worst enemy’ and, as expected, it drove the fans wild.


To me, ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ is their signature song, as it was second in the set-list, it felt like they peaked too soon, so as the set continued it just felt like it was starting to drag a bit. When the band did finish their main set and they had left the stage there were the usual chants of  “We Want More” that you would expect to hear from fans at any gig and this band were not going to disappoint, coming back to the stage to perform a six song encore! To me, six songs is a little excessive for an encore and it didn’t leave me wanting more which I think an encore should do.


My thoughts aside, the fans seemed to be more than happy with the show. I actually feel a bit bad for saying that it seemed to drag because my intention was not to give them a bad review. It wasn’t that Lit played badly, far from it, they had good rapport with their fans and they executed all of their songs to a tee but it just felt like they were missing something although I really couldn’t place my finger on what it was. Maybe their energy on stage didn’t match up to the previous band or maybe the small venue just didn’t have the right sort of atmosphere, whatever it was, it took away from what was otherwise a decent gig.


Set lists:


My Own Worst Enemy
No Big Thing
Zip Lock
Lovely Day
Perfect One
The Best Is Yet To Come Undone
A Place In The Sun


Something to Someone
The Broken
Too Fast For A U-Turn
The Last Time Again
Happy In The Meantime
Over My Head


Army of Freshmen

Concrete Hope
10,000 Years
Waiting On Me
At The End Of The Day
We’ll Always Have Forever
Body Parts


Hey Vanity

Human Nature
Worldly Possessions
Broken Artist
Old at Heart
Dumb & Dumber medley
The life, the party, the scene


Photographs:  Shaz Rafferty

Review: Gemma Bywater

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