Lights. Action! + A Silent Film + A Day Called Desire @ Bar Academy – 9th September 2008


Up first, local band A Day Called Desire brought a great deal of energy with them where they crowded the tiny stage of the Bar Academy. With strong vocals and a solid line in percussion, their post-punk tracks were well-polished, if a touch out of step with the following bands in terms of genre and audience. The stand-out track was City of the Dead, closing the set.


The second band of the night, A Silent Film, began a little shakily – in the art of performance rather than musical ability, it must be said. The first few tracks of their set ended abruptly, wrong-footing the audience who had not expected the sudden silence, but once they grew in confidence then tracks like You Will Leave A Mark and Sleeping Pills were well received and have great potential.


Lights. Action!, displaying a dapper choice in jackets, began their set with the anthemic Moscow and didn’t drop the bar throughout the rest of their set. The sound levels were a touch out at the beginning but, once this was rectified (vocalist of A Silent Film playing sound engineer), the vocals offered a much rounder sound than one is used to hearing at Bar Academy. Story of a Broken Boy was bracketed by two “chillout songs”, which worked to good effect, and more than one teary girl had to reapply mascara after Until The Day That I Die.


Their final track, Young Scarlett Young, was Stars meets Grand Unification Theory, and I can’t think of any other word but ‘epic’ to describe. If their performance at the Bar Academy is anything to go on, then I very much look forward to seeing Lights. Action! take on a bigger stage.

Set list:

Signals to Radar
Until the Day I Die
Story of a Broken Boy
Black Feathers
Young Scarlett Young

Review – Jack Briggs.
Photos – Ian Dunn.

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2 thoughts on “Lights. Action! + A Silent Film + A Day Called Desire @ Bar Academy – 9th September 2008

  1. I think you were harsh on a silent film, their set was brilliant, and you say that “The first few tracks of their set ended abruptly” and that the audience werent expecting the sudden silence, then said that You Will Leave A Mark and sleeping pills were well received. You will leave a mark was played second and sleeping pills third, you contradict yourself.

    other than that a good review and good photos

  2. Whatz up, I fell lucky that I located this post while browsing for silent movie music. I am with you on the topic of Lights. Action! + A Silent Film + A Day Called Desire @ Bar Academy – 9th September 2008. Ironically, I was just putting a lot of thought into this last Wednesday.

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