Liam Gallagher @ Arena Birmingham, 12 December, 2017

I’ve seen Liam Gallagher perform live on 4 previous occasions, twice with Oasis and twice with Beady Eye.  The shows with Oasis are up there in my top 10 gigs list, but the two shows with Beady Eye , it seemed like Liam was just going through the motions live , there was non of the fire and rowdy attitude that along with his voice he is famous for.

Having released one of the albums of 2017 ( in my opinion) that’s on a par if not better than any of the latter Oasis albums, I was still dubious. Would he be just going through the motions live, as he seems much more chilled out in interviews about the new album, even demonstrating how to make a cup of tea during one!

As the Oasis “f**king in the bushes” intro music fades and the first few bars of “Rock’n’Roll Star” come through the speakers its clear to the ear and the eyes that Liam is back with the snarl and attitude of old.

The crowd are going crazy to the opening salvo of Oasis classics “Rock’n’roll Star”, “Morning Glory , With beer flying through the air. “Greedy Soul” and “Wall of Glass” follow quickly after.

Liam’s set is a perfect mix of Oasis classics and future classics from his debut solo album “As You Were”.

With live performances like tonight it so clear that there is only one true Rock’n’Roll star in the Gallagher family.

As much as I would love to see Oasis reform, and play again I cant’ see it happening but with Liam back and firing on all cylinders, who needs Noel and his high flying pigeons 😉

Liam hurry up and come back soon as we are all mad for it!


Rock n Roll Star
Morning Glory
Greedy Soul
Wall of Glass
Paper Crown
For What It’s Worth
Rockin’ Chair
Some Might Say
Slide Away
Come Back To Me
You Better Run
Universal Gleam
Be Here Now
Cigarettes and Alcohol
Live Forever


Review and Photographs: Andy Watson

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