Larkin Poe @ The Glee Club- 11th March 2019

Boasting 15 years as a music venue The Glee Club has opened its doors to an intriguing sister duo from Atlanta. Rebecca and Megan Lovell who make up Larkin Poe stunned audiences with their energy packed performance consisting of such an array of songs and styles fit for all. It’s difficult to sum up the band in terms of what genre they slot into, giving us a taste of American Roots, classic rock and pop there isn’t a clear answer but they even consider themselves ‘a bit of everything.’

Summertime Sunset was the best song to start off the night with as the heavy guitar rift and fast pace immediately demands your attention. Trouble in Mind has Rebecca as lead voice and Megan as backing singer echoing the lyrics to heavy drum beats. Many other peppy numbers include Ram Jam’s Black Betty and California King which emphasises American roots and legitimises the girls’ tastes through growing up in the south listening to classic rock bands that inspired them. More rockier elements shine through at the beginning of the set with Bleach Blonde Bottle Blues. The beat in this song is so memorable and is laced with sass and attitude. Dark and sultry takes over with Look Away and Run For Your Money and moves into blues inspired songs like Might as Well Be Me.

The band’s instruments are the driving force behind their music. Rebecca’s preferred choice of Fender Jazzmaster is occasionally swapped with a banjo which she’s had since the age of 15, however it just doesn’t compare to Megan’s playing piece. She is known by her Instagram followers as the ‘slide queen’ which she lives up to as she frequently takes centre stage for long atmospheric solos.

There were certain points in the night which suggested these sisters weren’t just your average young women artists playing vintage American music. Rebecca in particular not only consistently connected with her sister throughout the set but she also engaged with the audience, speaking of personal and thought-provoking subjects like mental illness, self doubt and people who continue to inspire even in death. It turns out a lot of people have shaped them along the way as the Lovell sisters dedicated a few songs to fellow artists and family members.

One song in particular has Rebecca nervous as she explains Laurel Land is one of their new songs which has never been performed to an audience. She goes on to explain how this song was inspired by artist Stevie Ray Vaughan who was laid to rest in Laurel Land Memorial Park, Texas.

A further ode to their heroes saw the girls’ perform  Wanted Woman/ Ac/Dc. It was clear from this penultimate track that when the Lovell Sisters cover a much loved song, they do it with ease, flare and respect while building up to a feisty climax.

Instead of moving away from covers, Larkin Poe are embracing them whilst still producing  great pop songs of their own. Their most recent album Venom and Faith which spurred this tour is testament to this and has shown real growth in the sisters’ abilities.




Photos – Matt Thorpe

Review – Catherine Hammill


Set list

Summertime Sunset

Trouble in Mind

Black Betty 

Bleach Blond Bottle Blues 

Look Away



California King

John the Revelator

Black Echo

Honey Honey

Hard Time Killing Floor Blues

Mad Hatter

Laurel Land

Run For Your Money

Might as Well Be Me

Blue Ridge Mountains

Wanted Woman 

Come on in My Kitchen (Encore)

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