Ladytron @ Coventry Kasbah – 15th November 2008

As one of the pioneers of the Electronic-Rock movement in 2001, Ladytron have enjoyed a massive cult following that seems to grow each year, spurred on by a string of famous fans such as Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor. Ladytron are renowned for their live performances utilising antique synths that create their warm and mechanical sound.  Their music has evolved through their 5 studio albums and the production of the newest album, ‘Velocifero’ sees the band taking on a new tour playing to several venues across the country.

Support for the show came from Asobi Seksu , a New York based indie-rock shoegaze band whose striking enthusiasm almost made up for the poor sound quality to their set. The otherwise passionate vocals of Yuki Chikudate were unfortunately overwhelmed by the slightly distorted guitar. In spite of some sound system issues, the support act created an overpowering atmosphere preparing the crowd for Ladytron.

As the iconic Korg MS20s were rigged up, the anticipation of the crowd increased until the band appeared on stage, blasting the gig open with a brand new sound. Vocalists Helen Marnie and Mira Aroyo were in fine voice as they played through some of their new material. The infectious beats and desperate vocals in Runaway and Ghosts provided a great start to a great gig.

The passionate discipline of the band is evident in every live show they perform and this is no exception. The intense concentration required to play such a flawless set is only slightly detrimental as other band members, Reuben Wu and Daniel Hunt, seem to stick in the background while Helen and Mira sparkle at the front. But while the show isn’t perhaps as exciting as some other gigs, the audience are rewarded with a perfect performance teamed with an impeccable light show that does not disappoint.

While the band introduce their brand new sound, old favourites like ‘Seventeen’ and ‘Playgirl’ received an explosive response from the crowd. Their encore track, ‘Destroy Everything You Touch’ closed the show on a natural high and proving why their constantly evolving sound has influenced and shaped an entire genre.

Review and photography by Kat Page

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